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NextFabulous Show&Tell

NextFabulous Show&Tell

This is a great opportunity for local designers, inventors, artists, Etsyists, and anyone who likes to MAKE things. Bring your project, finished or unfinished, share your concept and thoughts with fellow makers in town! Come meet the special guests (local shop owners, buyers, curators, etc...) who will be able to share their insights: show off your work and get connected!!

This event is open to the public and anyone with/without a project is welcome to attend!

Have a project to present? Please RSVP by September 1st to

Featured Designer / Artists

Miguel Antonio Horn will be talking about his studio, Traction Company and how his experience at NextFab has shaped some of his latest work. He will be talking about how different technologies at NextFab were used for creative publicity at the exhibitions over the past couple years. He will bring in one or two artworks as well. 

Bevan Weissman will be presenting about a project he has been working on called "Culture Tap".  

Culture Tap is a series of interactive kiosks activated by the "Charlie Card," Boston's RFID subway pass.  When people tap their cards they'll be rewarded with a unique audio story about the neighborhood, or with a light show depending on the time of day.

Laureen Griffin will be talking about designing light fixtures and laser cut lampshades. She will bring in the lamp she designed and built back in the fall of 2010 as part of her NextFab Studio Residency. 

Also, Laureen will be talking about her experience designing on her iPad using apps iDraw and Procreate. Procreate to sketch and iDraw for creating vector patterns for laser cutting.  Simple designs can be used for creating lampshades, mylar stencils, etc. 

and YOU!

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