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3D Hubs Philadelphia Launch Event

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3D Hubs, the world's premier platform for 3D printed goods at the local level, is partnering with NextFab to host it's launch event in Philadelphia.  You're invited to join 3D Hubs and NextFab on December 18th to hear from the city's 3D printing leaders and network with makers and printer owners.  Food and drink will be provided.

3D Hubs is unlocking cities across the United States by connecting at least 20 local printers in each city to the hub.  By going local, 3D Hubs provides each city's maker community with an average delivery time of their prints in just days, not weeks.   The goal is to unlock the future of local manufacturing and with successes in New York, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Sao Paolo already we're well on our way.  3D Printer owners simply connect their printers to the hub and make money for the use of their machines, which are currently sitting idle for most of the day.  All this is done while supporting the local maker community in the process. 

To join 3D Hubs' Philadelphia Launch event at NextFab on December 18th, please RSVP.

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