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Ask A Lawyer

Have you ever run into legal questions while working on a project, but never got the chance to talk to a lawyer? Maybe you're considering applying for a patent? Have IP law questions? Or are starting your own business?

This is your chance to get quick answers to the legal questions you always wanted to ask! IP law specialist Francis X. Taney, Jr. is generously offering to sit down with our community to give free legal consultations.
For more information about Mr. Taney please visit
This event is now OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. 
This event is now filled to capacity.  Please check back next month.
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Ask A Business Consultant

Harvey Z. Hoffman, Business owner and executive is willing to share experience and expertise in all areas of business development and management with our community!  Harvey can assist with the requirements needed for a successful launch, including business and strategic plans, finance and funding, recruiting/hiring/staffing, and other startup concerns and business compliance issues.

Space is limited. Please RSVP to reserve your spot:

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