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Roland XR-640 print/cut system

Max. Print Width: 64" ECO-SOLVENT MAX2 inks 9 Colors

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To request contract printing services:

  • Submit your design through our quotes form. See the File Setup guidelines below. We also offer file creation services, if you’d prefer to submit your design on paper. 
  • We will estimate job setup time, printing/cutting cost and associated labor fees, then provide a quote for your approval.
  • Upon approval, we will print your job and notify you when the items are ready for pickup.

Please include the following information in your request:

  • Your file(s) for printing.
  • Media specifications: Please provide a detailed description of the application surface and an estimate of how long the graphic will be expected to last.
  • Desired completion date - typical job turnaround is two to three business days but is subject to change depending on job size and machine availability. 
  • Any post-processing services required (see below).
  • Any special packaging or wrapping requests.

File Setup

NextFab Studio offers file preparation services. However, if you’d like to set up your own file, here are some guidelines: Graphics to be printed may be in either bitmap or vector format, but any cut lines must be vectors. All cut lines in the file should be the same color, and should be set to the thinnest vector line your graphics program can produce (0.25 point in Adobe Illustrator, or Hairline in Corel Draw). To set up a cut line in Adobe Illustrator, you must produce a Spot Color swatch named CutContour. Please see a NextFab staff member for more information. 

Print Resolution

As a general rule, your image resolution in pixels-per-inch (ppi) should be about 1/4 your desired dots-per-inch print resolution (dpi). For example, if you plan to print at 720 dpi, your image file should be built at 180 ppi at actual size. Another way to determine the appropriate resolution is to consider viewing distance, as the following chart illustrates.

Viewing Distance and Image Resolution:

Distance Resolution
Less than 1 ft 180 ppi
1 to 4 ft 150 ppi
5 to 9 ft 100 ppi
Over 10 ft 50 ppi

Acceptable file formats

.tif .eps .pdf .jpg
We can also accept .ai, and .psd files and convert them to the appropriate format for printing as part of the job setup fee.

Optional Additional Services


File Setup 

NextFab Studio offers file preparation services if you are unable to do the setup yourself. 

Application Tape Transfer 

We stock all-purpose application tape for transferring vinyl graphics. We can transfer your graphics to the application tape as an optional additional service. 


For vinyl-cut graphics, we can remove excess vinyl, leaving only your cut design for ease of application. 

Test Strips

We will make a test strip or proof upon request for a small fee.

Pricing / Payment Terms

Pricing for printing is determined by the amount of media used as well as the labor required for file preparation, job setup, and post-processing. Roll media is sold by the linear foot and includes ink in the price. The cost calculated for roll prints is determined by the length used from the roll and rounded up to the next linear foot, regardless of the image size or ink coverage. If you would like to provide your own media, please contact us to ensure compatibility with our process. Prints on customer media are priced based on ink consumption, file preparation, job setup, and post-processing. NextFab Studio does not take responsibility for damage from the printing process on customer-supplied materials.