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Name: Shelley Spector

NextFab’s network of experts in the science, technology, and creative fields are enthusiastic to share their skills with members.  Amongst them is native Philadelphian and NextFab’s Resident Artist, Shelley Spector.  Shelley is a source of both technical know-how and broad-minded inspiration whose exciting new work exemplifies the potential of crossing technology and art.  

Spector is a pioneer in creating and proponing art that reflects the pulse of her beloved city.  She founded Spector Gallery (now Spector Projects) in 1999, and her work along with the works of artists she represented is included in many private and public collections.  In 2010, she was invited to participate in the Resident Artist program at Breadboard, which provided access to NextFab’s high-tech workshop and ignited a curiosity in creative technologies.

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“As an artist, I push the machines.” 

Shelley took classes and workshops on how to use the high-tech machinery and prototyping equipment.  “I went in not knowing how to use anything!  And that’s OK, no one expects you to.“   With educators and experienced fabricators at her fingertips, Shelley immersed herself in learning and reveled in the nexus of disciplines.  Spector's latest works including her large-scale wall installations made of reclaimed fabric, paper bags, and cardboard is the result of her mastery, utilizing the large format printers, laser cutters, embroidery and sewing machines, woodshop tools, and design software. 

“I’ve added a whole new set of tools to my tool belt.”  Shelley said.  “NextFab has allowed me to do work that I’ve never had the resources to do.”