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Message to Our Community

NextFab President Evan MaloneWith the threat of COVID-19, mandatory closures of businesses, loss of jobs, scarcity of resources, and stressful uncertainties on everyone’s minds, we’ve created this page to share uplifting news from NextFab and the inspiring community that we are a part of.

NextFab’s facilities must remain closed to members during this time, but our Product Development team, led by Matt Bell, and with many of our staff working (with government approval) alongside CoverAidPHL, regional universities, and healthcare organizations to produce critically needed medical supplies. Meanwhile, the rest of the NextFab team is working remotely, creating content and enhancing systems to help ensure our customers and their businesses can spring back into action as soon as it is safe and permitted to do so, and we are counting the days until we can see you in person again. Social distancing may have driven a physical wedge between us, but on behalf of all of us at NextFab, stay healthy, hopeful, and courageous, and know we are here for you.

Evan Malone, President of NextFab

Latest News

Updated May 14, 2020

Product Development Efforts

Product Development 3D Print Example

Our NextFab Product Development team, in partnership with Archimedic and Open Medical, have designed and prototyped a new origami face mask design that requires no sewing or equipment. You can now create your own origami face mask using only a printer, a zip tie and your hands. You’ll need to print out the directions and templates, cut our your mask, and then you can watch this video to fold and secure the mask. Download the templates and instructions below.

*Note: The Origami Mask is not cleared by FDA, and it has not undergone extensive safety and efficacy testing at this stage. We are in the process of performing testing, and we will publish the data as it becomes available.

UPDATE: When creating this mask, users should avoid making an origami mask out of any material, including vacuum bags, containing fiberglass.

Download Origami Mask Guidelines and Templates

COVID-19 and NextFab

On March 17th, all NextFab locations closed for business in compliance with Philadelphia’s sanction for all non-essential businesses. Along with other local manufacturers, makers, hospitals, universities and small businesses, NextFab is assisting in constructing much needed  medical personal protective equipment (PPE). Utilizing our makerspace’s equipment, including 3D printers, CNC machines, and programming, as well as local resources and staff, have made headway on sourcing sterile and effective solutions on the PPE shortage.

As different problems and shortages arise in these fast moving times, NextFab’s Product Development team is working with Open Medical and Archimedic to create several solutions. Currently, the most viable ones we’re working on now are designing and manufacturing alternative sterile designs to create and distribute to local hospitals, due to the lack of respirator masks, certified N95 masks and other PPE for healthcare workers to wear. Those include the origami face mask and laser cut face shields.

Face shields made at NextFab - COVID-19 containmentCoverAid PHL Efforts

CoverAid PHL is the Philadelphia task force of representatives from hospitals, universities, manufactures, government and small businesses on solutions for personal protective equipment (PPE). Coming together to form this initiative started as a swift response to protecting our healthcare workers during the overwhelming threat (and lack of supplies) from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Founding Organizers

How Can you Help?

  • Donate
    • CoverAid PHL is looking for donations of medical supplies and financial donations to various healthcare organizations in the Philadelphia area. If you’re interested in donating either or both click HERE.

NextFab At Home

While the NextFab Makerspace is closed, we wanted to provide all our makers ways to enjoy making at home. Take a tour of our staff maker spaces as we take our own take on the classic MTV show, with NextFab Cribs. Or tune into our NextFab webinars series, as we interview those involved with providing solutions to the PPE shortage during COVID-19 crisis. Finally, follow along in our Mane Alongs as NextFab staff demonstrate how to make projects at home, with a few materials and some power tools.

Make-A-Long Project:

Sew Your Own Fabric Mask

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NextFab Cribs:

Scott Newcomb Workshop Tour

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NextFab Webinar Series

Pricing & Selling your Handmade Work Webinar

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Small Business Resources

Small Business Resource 1

PDIC Philadelphia»
PIDC provides the resources and expertise to small businesses during this time including: funding and financial assistance, business support, employment and unemployment information and taxes information.

Small Business Resource 2

The U.S. Small Business Association is providing up-to-date financial resources and applications for small business guidance,  loan resources, and coronavirus funding options.

Small Business Resource 3

DCED (Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development) provides the resources for small businesses, communities and local governments.