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NextFab offers numerous ways to earn income through your expertise and hardware, including our RAPID accelerator program, business incubator, and members’ jobs board.

NextFab member woodworking restoration project for potential income
NextFab member software, Arduino, fabrication project for potential income
NextFab member soldering an electronics project for potential income
NextFab makerspace class for potential income

Whatever you’re creating at NextFab has the potential to become an earning opportunity. Whether you’re developing side projects, new skills, crowdfunding campaigns, or hardware startups, we can help you take your product or business to the next level.

Venture Services

Ready to ramp up your hardware startup?

NextFab’s Venture Services offer programs and funding opportunities to help you successfully commercialize your product.

We provide investments, custom business coaching and mentorship, access to NextFab’s facilities, support for refining your prototype, office space, and more. Get started by applying for one of our programs today.

Crowdfunded Projects

Several of our members have turned seemingly impossible dreams into reality through crowdfunding. Whether they use Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or another crowdfunding platform, many have successfully funded their concepts.

Member Brands

Startups, small businesses, and existing brands have breathed new life into their products right here at NextFab. Whether they're developing a little side project or a full-blown business, many of our members are making and promoting amazing things.

Jobs Board

Looking to make some money using your personal skills and expertise?

Members have access to our online Jobs Board, a forum for posting and finding freelance projects. Sign in to check it out or post a project to work with our members.

Meet a NextFab Maker: Mark Kuhn, Oat Foundry

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