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Check out our catalog of classes we’re currently offering, including safety, introductory courses, and intermediate level courses that build upon the skills you have learned.


Can I take any class?

If you are a member, you can take any class as long as you have completed the prerequisites for that class, including New Member Orientation and any safety courses.

I'm not a member. Can I still take classes at NextFab?

Our Design Software classes and some introductory classes for certain technologies are open to non-members, and spots can be reserved on our class calendars. For paid classes, non-members pay an additional studio access fee of $50. Non-members will not have access to the software or facility at any other time than during class.

I already know how to use certain tools/software. Do I still have to take the intro courses?

If you are a member and are already familiar with certain equipment, you have the option to demonstrate to our expert staff your ability to safely use the machine, without having to take the class. To make an appointment for machine certification, please contact us at info@nextfab.com.

A class I’m interested in is not scheduled right now and/or got canceled. Can I still take it?

Some classes are not offered as frequently, or are canceled if there are not enough people signed up. You can still learn what the class offers, though! Private training is available to members for one-on-one instruction in any of NextFab’s processes. The fee is $60/hr and can be scheduled at your convenience with a qualified instructor.

What’s the difference between private training and demonstrating proficiency?

Private training is an individualized learning session for members who would like extra instruction or a one-on-one lesson tailored to their goals. You can schedule private training with one of our instructors at a rate of $60/hour.
Demonstrating proficiency is for members who are already competent in using certain machines or skills. You can schedule a free 15-minute session to demonstrate to our staff that you having working knowledge of that machine without taking the required classes. If you go over your allotted 15 minutes, you will be encouraged to take the appropriate class or asked to continue individualized instruction as a paid private training session.

What happens if I can’t make a class that I already signed up for?

We require 24 hours advance notice for any change or cancellation of class. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for class cancellations, but we can offer you credit towards another class.

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