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Design and Fabrication

NextFab’s team of designers, engineers, and fabricators help artists and creators turn ideas into reality. We specialize in projects that combine materials, processes, and disciplines in unique ways. We’ll work closely with you to create a fabrication-ready design and then execute using our wide variety of in-house capabilities to deliver on your vision.

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What if my budget is lower than the project minimum amount?

We are only able to take on projects that meet the project minimum. If your budget is below that amount, you can choose to work with our members instead through our Member Jobs Board. Click here to learn more.

You used to have inquiry forms for different project types. Do you still do that type of work?

We have narrowed our focus to larger projects that combine materials, processes, and disciplines in unique ways and no longer take on smaller fabrication projects. We do have our Member Jobs Board to fulfill these types of project requests. Click here to learn more.

I have a vision for what I want to have made, but don’t know what materials or processes should be used. Can you help?

Yes. We offer design consulting services to turn your vision into a design that is optimized for fabrication and the intended use case.

Do you offer production manufacturing services?

No. However, there are many outstanding manufacturers in the Philadelphia region who may be able to help.

I have a quick turn water jet cutting project, can you support?

If you have the file of what you need cut in vector format and we have the material in stock (or you can provide it), there’s a great chance we can help. Note that projects completed in less than one week typically incur a rush fee.