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Hardware Product Development

NextFab’s team of product designers and engineers helps innovators turn novel ideas into successful products. We specialize in working with clients in the early stages of product development who have identified an unmet need in the world. We’ll work with you to determine the best development strategy and apply our expertise in electrical engineering, embedded system design, industrial design, and mechanical engineering to realize your product vision.

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What is the cost of a typical project?

Project costs vary depending on the scope, but in general, projects will require hundreds of hours rather than tens of hours. Our hourly consulting rates run from $110 to $150.

How long does a typical project take to complete?

Every project is unique, but a typical project phase runs anywhere from two to six months. We take a staged development approach and multiple projects are needed to take a product from concept to market-ready.

What makes a project a good fit for NextFab’s Product Development services?

We specialize in early-stage product development and helping innovators turn novel ideas into successful hardware products. If you’ve identified a problem in the world where a new product can add value, there’s a great chance we can help.

What are NextFab’s areas of expertise?

We offer a full complement of hardware product design services, including electrical engineering, embedded system design, industrial design, and mechanical engineering. We take a hands-on approach and pair our design and engineering expertise with in-house prototyping capabilities. This allows us to build what we design and iterate quickly and efficiently.

Can we get a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in place?

We prefer to have an initial non-confidential conversation before entering into an NDA. If it seems that we’re a good fit to help with your project, we have a standard NDA that we’d be glad to execute.

Do you offer services for equity in startup companies?

Typically no. Our standard engagements are fee-for-service. We only invest in startup companies through our RAPID Accelerator Program. Click here to learn more.