In February of 2018 NextFab was approached by local artist Marta Sanchez to help produce some artworks for a project to beautify and clean up the Conrail Yard. The initiative to improve the conditions of the lot on Gurney Street in North Philadelphia was championed by HACE, a local non-profit organization focused on combating community deterioration through economic development. Marta designed a series of pieces that combined her sculpture with the poetry of David Acosta and quotes from interviews conducted with the community around the lot. The sculptures were digitized by one of her collaborators so they could be cut from 1/4″ mild steel plates on NextFab’s 5-axis Water Jet cutting machine. The fabrication took 40 – 50 hours of machine time, over the course of two weeks. After the cutting was completed, the first set of sculptures were powder-coated in various colors by a local vendor and then installed on the fencing in August of 2018. An additional set of sculptures will be fabricated and installed later in the year.