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Selling your products online: How to Build an ECommerce Website

Presented by NextFab and Nikki Purvy Founder/Lead Web Designer Lidyr Creative Marketing Agency

Now that you have created a killer product, this course will teach you how to set up an online store so that you can sell your merchandise online.  This is a beginner course where we give you the basics of ecommerce. We will take you through the process of setting up your store, adding your products for the world to buy, collecting payment, and we will even show you the basics of marketing your store once it's complete.

1) Intro to ecommerce
a. Definition
b. Industry stats
c. Why you NEED an ecommerce site to ensure your success

2) Types of ecommerce stores
a. Shopify (pros/cons)
b. Volusion (pros/cons)
c. Bigcartel (pros/cons)
d. Wordpress (pros/ there are no cons)

3) Intro to Wordpress
a. Explanation
b. How it works

4) Building your store in Wordpress
a. Design
b. Choosing a theme
c. Choosing your plugins
d. SEO
e. Must have pages (home, contact, about, shop –etc)
f. Adding your products
g. Credit card processing options
i. Paypal
ii. Online Credit card processor/merchant account
iii. E-checks
h. Shipping solutions

5) Marketing your store
a. Social media
b. Email blasts
c. Facebook ads/google ads

Nikki Purvy is the founder of Lidyr Creative Marketing Agency, a digital marketing strategy firm specializing in web design, app development, graphic design, social media marketing and search engine optimization. Residing in both Los Angeles and Philadelphia, she works with companies and individuals to create, establish, and build their brands both online and in the physical world. She and the company have been responsible for developing and marketing an arsenal of businesses from the likes of several luxury service companies, motion picture films, multi-million dollar e-commerce fashion sites, a top footwear brand, multiple real estate investment companies, and a large national professional conference to name a few. Prior to becoming a digital marketing expert, she had a successful career in finance as an Institutional Fixed Income Trader. Nikki has a B.A. in Finance from Temple University and plays the bass in her spare time.

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Bario Neal Jewelry: Lecture with Jean-Noel Soni

    • bario neal at nextfab

Bario Neal will be hosting a lecture at NextFab with Jean-Noel Soni, the mastermind behind Top Notch Faceting, Wednesday September 24th from 5-7PM.

Jean-Noel Soni is known for his one of a kind, precision cut gemstones, and is the winner of multiple AGTA Spectrum Awards in Innovative Faceting and Phenomenal Gemstones. In addition to discussing technique, Jean will share with us his cutting and stone sourcing philosophy.

In addition to this discussion, Bario Neal's Melissa Guglielmo, jewelry artist and maker, will screen clips and discuss an upcoming documentary about the artisans of Philadelphia's historic Jeweler's Row.

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Maker Happy Hour

    • yardsshowandtell

Thirsting for knowledge... and a laid back environment to chat about your latest projects and ideas?

Then join NextFab and the Philadelphia maker movement for an early evening happy hour. Our Sponsor Yards has stocked the fridge with some cold brews and we will have some light eats to appease your pre-dinner munchies. Come out and play cornhole, shoot some hoops, video it up, or just chill! No agenda! Just awesome like minded people getting together to have a great time. We look forward to seeing you at NextFab!

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Introduction to Web Design

    • web_design_nextfab
    • markneuburger 480cropped

This 6 session course is intended for beginners and covers the basics of website creation and design. Through lecture, discussion, and hands-on activities in each class, students will learn the skills necessary to complete a personal portfolio website, which will serve as the final project for the class. No prior knowledge of web development or HTML is required.

The class will be offered 7PM-9PM Mondays and Wednesdays on 9/29, 10/1, 10/6, 10/8, 10/13, and 10/15 

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Web basics, introduction to HTML, creating our first webpage
  • Common HTML tags, intro to CSS, FTP basics
  • Creating multiple page websites, CSS fundamentals, introduction to portfolio project
  • Intermediate HTML & CSS, introduction to debugging tools
  • Flex time - advanced HTML & CSS or intro to JavaScript
  • Final presentation and critique

Mark Neuburger is a web designer and developer who has been creating websites for a variety of clients for over 11 years.  He has most recently worked as a contractor on several public sector health websites, including and, providing services as a web programmer and accessibility consultant.

Introduction To Halloween Costume Design

    • holloween designs

Join us for the official kickoff of our Halloween Costume Course!  Two members of our expert staff will go over the fundamentals of DIY costume design.  We will then help you formulate your personal costume design plan by discussing various skills and materials within this lecture such as sewing, vacuum forming, resin casting, LEDs, and more!  Stop limiting yourself to the boring selection at your local Halloween store and design your costume with us!

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Ask a Lawyer

Have you ever run into legal questions while working on a project, but never got the chance to talk to a lawyer? Maybe you're considering applying for a patent? Have IP law questions? Or are starting your own business?

This is your chance to get quick answers to the legal questions you always wanted to ask! IP law specialist Francis X. Taney, Jr. is generously offering to sit down with our community to give free legal consultations.
For more information about Mr. Taney please visit
This event is now OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Please RSVP:
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Arrow: Innovator’s Market Series

    • Arrow Innovators Club
Arrow, Texas Instruments, NextFab, and Ben Franklin Technology Partners invite you to attend an event to exhibit demonstrations from the latest embedded, connectivity, and analog technologies.
Learn how these technologies enable innovative solutions and witness the applications of tomorrow, today! How these technologies enable innovative solutions and the applications of tomorrow is something you will not want to miss.
Join in on the fun with Philadelphia’s local makers - from students to start-ups, hobbyists to  artists - come meet us at the intersection of technology and creativity.

Space is limited. Register HERE.
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Halloween Costume Sewing Workshop

    • sewing machine

As part of our Halloween Costume Course, we will be going over the basics of sewing your costume! To do this, our instructors will be showing you how to hack a softgood item to guide you in sewing YOUR costume!   

Maybe you want to be a wizard- we'll show you how to hack a Snuggie into a wizard's robe.  Or maybe you want to be a frog- we'll show you how to hack a pair of gloves to help you create big old frog hands.  Whatever your costume is, there is an existing garment that can guide you in sewing it!

Students must bring in a garment/ soft good that we will show you how to hack according to the design of their costume.  Any special fabric a student may want to use on their final costume should be brought as well.  Email with any questions! 

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Make Your Halloween Mask with a Vacuum Former!

For this very special Halloween Costume Course event, we will be using our brand new Vacuum Former to form a mask for your Halloween costume!  Our expert staff will explain some thermoforming basic principles and material selection tips, and then we will all get into some Halloween mask vac forming fun.  We will then customize each mask with paint, scissors, creativity, and our collective imagination!  Come out for what will be a fun and spooky time!

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Let's Finish That Halloween Costume!

In the final hurrah of our Halloween Costume Course, our expert staff will be on hand to help you finish up your Halloween costume as much as possible. Need some tips about finishing those seams? Need a hand with making those wings? Worried it won’t all come together by the 31st? Halloween won’t wait, so neither can you!  We’re here to help!

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