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    What role does NextFab play in the project if I choose to hire a member?

    None. NextFab is only providing the venue for you to connect with one of our talented members. The member you hire is solely responsible for the result of the project.

    How will members get in contact with me if they’re interested in my project?

    You will receive an email to the address that you supply when your job is posted. Your name and email address are not visible until you reply to an email sent by the member.

    How will I be able to assess the quality of the member’s work who contacts me about my project?

    Members are able to provide links to their portfolio or website and describe how they plan to complete your project to help you assess their ability. You may also follow up with requests for more information as you see fit.

    What information will be visible to members viewing my project on the Jobs Board?

    Members will only see the information that you supply about the project (title, description, attachments, budget, schedule). Your name and email address are not visible until you reply to an email sent by a member.

    I no longer see the project I posted a few weeks ago. What happened?

    Projects are automatically deleted 14 days after they are posted. We do this because we don’t want members spending time to contact clients who are already working with someone or are no longer interested in having the project completed. You are always welcome to post the project again.

    I’ve connected with a member on my project. Do I need to do anything to the job post?

    You may want to consider resubmitting the project with an adjusted budget or schedule. Those are important variables that members will consider when assessing the project. It’s also possible that NextFab doesn’t have the right equipment to complete your project.

    What if I’m contacted by multiple members about my project?

    You will have the opportunity to choose which person is the best fit for your project.

    How will I pay for the project? Do I need to place a deposit?

    That’s something that you and the person you hire will need to establish. A deposit is typically requested to cover material costs at a minimum.