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NextFab’s Artisan Accelerator program is an eight-week experience giving artisan entrepreneurs the essential tools, support, and structure to build viable businesses. This intensive program is designed specifically to help craft profitable business models, reach new customers, and lay the foundation to build successful companies. In addition to the eight-week coursework in business strategy, NextFab offers access to equipment, technical know-how, and a community of fellow artisan entrepreneurs and creators. To assist entrepreneurs in applying this knowledge, each accepted applicant will receive one year of NextFab membership.

Our intent is to support and grow the community by giving artists a framework of tools to use when approaching their work. We place an emphasis on examining each individual business in a collaborative way, and with this supportive setting, we create a space where we critically examine how to balance passion with profitability. NextFab takes great pride in supporting the creative business economy and we believe the world is brighter and more vibrant when artists receive the support and resources they need.


The goal of this program is to provide tools for artists to convert their abstract or concrete entrepreneurial design ideas into clearly executable business strategies. This program provides students with not only a philosophical understanding of how and why business is important but also exposes students to modern tools and techniques to guide them in methods of thinking and building blocks of the process. Throughout the program, students will learn and practice some basic financial modeling, management, and industrial process-oriented thinking, and apply it to their own craft business in a hands-on manner. The program will help students build a basic skill set that enables them to think on a slightly higher level as business thinkers and communicators.

The program consists of coaching sessions, 1-on-1 office hours, and interactive roundtables that examine individual businesses within the group so that students can study and contextualize their learning and discussions around real-world examples. Other sessions are organized to build on this framework, including time for 1-on-1 meetings with a certain focus on individual needs. We hope that this program equips you with the knowledge and tools to make educated business decisions about your growth now and in the future.

Two accelerator cohorts will be held each year, one in the spring and one in the fall, and six to eight applicants will be selected for each cohort. If selected, each applicant will receive one year of Ultimate membership at NextFab.

Stay tuned for the opening of our Spring 2024 application period.

Program Schedule:

The program meets virtually 2-3 times per week: 

  • Monday 12:00 – 2:00 pm
  • Wednesday 5:00 – 7:00 pm
  • Friday 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Program Breakdown: 

Coaching Sessions

  • Defining Your Business 
  • Goal Setting & What Do You Need to Know About Your Business
  • Building Your Game Plan
  • Creating Your Action Plan

1-on-1 Sessions

  • Marketing, Website, and Social Media Office Hours 
  • Business Model Office Hours 
  • IP/Patent Office Hours

Roundtable Sessions

  • Weekly business practice and planning meeting
  • Business Model Workshops
  • Ask the Expert: CPA
  • The Legal Basics of Starting a Company
  • Building Your Sales Funnel

Group gallery show and 2nd Thursday reception at NextFab’s North Philly location to celebrate the completion of the program. 

Program Benefits:

  • 30+ hours of live sessions  
  • Small group work with other artisan entrepreneurs
  • 1-on-1 office hours with business coaches 
  • Product prototyping, design, and fabrication consultation 
  • Access to NextFab’s makerspace equipment, education, and community 

Topics Covered:

  • Financial dashboard
  • Business model canvas
  • Strategic planning
  • Customer persona map
  • Marketing and implementation plan
  • HR & contracting
  • Social media
  • Website, online marketing, and SEO
  • Design thinking and product refinement
  • Taxes
  • IP and legal protection

By the end of this program, participants will receive:

  • Unlimited access to all NextFab locations for one year post-program to improve your product manufacturing process
  • A certificate of completion from the NextFab makerspace
  • Personalized Financial Dashboard 
  • Personalized Business Model Canvas 
  • Personalized Value Proposition Canvas 
  • Elevator Pitch Exercise 
  • A road map of suggested resources to help navigate social media, tax, and legal
  • Customer Interview Exercise
  • 8 Hours of post-program coaching with our product improvement team

Payment Options:

NextFab is offering accepted applicants several payment plans for this program:

  • One-time payment: $3,190
  • Two payments: $1,595
  • Four payments: $798

This payment covers the cost of the program and includes an annual NextFab membership. 

Please reach out to artisan@nextfab.com with questions.

Feast Jewelry

The NextFab Artisan Accelerator program gave me exactly what I needed at exactly the right time in my businesses’ trajectory. The program challenged me and provided me the necessary tools to see and respond to brand-building with a new perspective; one beyond the daily grind. Workshopping through a cohort of like-minded entrepreneurs, added a wealth of personal journeys to the experience. Adrienne Manno of Feast Jewelry

Addi Naturals

NextFab’s Accelerator program helped me scale my business by 20% in a few months. The resources, guidance and support shaped my marketing strategies, financial projections and customer segmentation.  I cannot thank NextFab, Todor, Earl and all the speakers enough. I sincerely appreciate everything you all have provided my business. Yemina Israel of Addi Naturals

Idol Light

This program was super helpful for growing my network and preparing my business to take the next steps. I loved the variety and genuine nature of the advisors and participants as well as being able to openly share and receive information about current problems/successes in our businesses. The classes all connected to each other and I have a much better understanding of my customer, my business’s value, and how to strategically enter into the marketplace with advertising. Thank you so much!!! Machele Nettles of Idol Light


The NextFab Artisan Accelerator program was a great way to jumpstart my business into a more focused area of thought and direction. Cody Hughes of Untitled_Co


The artisan accelerator definitely boosted my knowledge of what it takes to scale a business. I’ve learned so many tools to begin building the structure of my business and the support to keep it sustainable. Jeremiah Jordan of Confetti


This program helps guide and navigate those just starting out and those who have been in business for years. The instructors who were brought on showed expertise. I will go further and say Earl Boyd was my favorite instructor, with Ethan Fox being a close second. The knowledge provided was invaluable and it was a joy to have the opportunity to be a part of. Gwanyan Barker of Kpelle.Designs

Modest Transitions

Nextfab’s Artisan Accelerator program helped me grasp an understanding of a mini MBA. Everyone was very knowledgeable and passionate about their craft. I felt a part of a family and not so much competing with the other cohorts. It's an amazing program! Melanie Hasan of Modest Transitions


After starting a small business during the pandemic, what I needed most was mentorship, support, accountability, and resources. NextFab’s program provided just that. Every aspect of the Artisan Accelerator program was thoughtfully developed and successfully transitioned to running remotely...My cohort was diverse in craft and demographic, supportive to one another, and inspiring. Annette Shantur of UrsaMareaClay

Steven Dailey Studio

The Artisan Accelerator program helped me to disassociate what I “thought” and “felt” about my business and learn to practice objective review of what actually happens. From who my actual customers currently are to where I see the most income- the coaching I received taught me that what I can’t quantify is not real. Steven Dailey of Steven Dailey Studio

Salvaged Woodworks

As a small business owner/entrepreneur I feel like I am working hard, wearing many hats etc. This program did a great job of letting me step back and take a look at my business with a more detached perspective. This detachment from the emotional side of being in business let me see a clearer path to determine sensible goals. Gordon Richardson of Salvaged Woodworks


Before this program, I thought that you were either a business or an artist. Throughout these 8 weeks, I’ve learned that it’s a combination of both and both parts need equal attention. Lori Thomson of LORI LOVES...

Asata Maisé

The Next Fab Accelerator Program provided the knowledge, resources, and community I needed to confidently run my business as an artisan. I’ve learned so many valuable tools that I’ve already begun applying to my business in only 8 weeks. Asata Beeks of Asata Maisé

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