Class List

New Member Orientation

Welcome to NextFab! Tour our facilities and be introduced to our guidelines and regulations for safe use. Learn how to log onto our computer workstations, sign up for classes, and reserve time on machines. Please try to be five minutes early to this course so that there is time to setup new username and passwords.

  • Member Price: Free
  • Non-Member Price: N/A
  • Length: 1.5 hours

Make Your Own Robotic Arm

Explore laser cutting, Arduino programming, and robotic automation in this challenging workshop. Learn specific Arduino concepts and basic robotic purpose by assembling your own robotic arm. One class fee pays for one kit.

Intro to Knitting

Learn basic knitting techniques such as knit, purl, and yarn over stitches while making your very own scarf or washcloth. NOTE: One class fee also pays for materials, to be taken home by the student after class.

  • Member Price: $59
  • Non-Member Price: $109
  • Length: 2 hours

Intro to Soap Making

Explore the science behind soap making while pouring your own custom soap. Walk away with the skills necessary to continue your own soap making, and a mold to get you started.

  • Member Price: $69
  • Non-Member Price: $119
  • Length: 2 hours

Router Table Basics: Make Your Own Picture Frame

Explore the router table, a versatile tool that can help take your projects to the next level, in this two part class. Learn about edge profiles by creating rabbets and roman ogees while assembling your own picture frame. Other techniques covered include: stopped cuts, creating keyholes, using MDF templates, and the Dubby Cutoff Sled.

Intro to Woodburning

Novices welcome! Explore woodburning, the art of burning designs and images in to wood. Practice different textures and patterns by using different pen tips for desired effects, and learn safe operation of burning pens.

  • Member Price: $69
  • Non-Member Price: $119
  • Length: 2 hours

Make Your Own Concrete Table Lamp

Make your very own concrete lamp by learning to form, set, and finish concrete in this start to finish workshop. One class fee covers one lamp. Children ages 10 and up welcome if accompanied by a parent.

  • Member Price: $30
  • Non-Member Price: $30
  • Length: 2 hours

Make Your Own Electric Snowflake

Create your very own electronic holiday decoration with ‘smart’ LED lights that flash in a variety of patterns and colors. Solder components onto your snowflake-shaped board, or choose to make the non-soldered version and complete a simpler assembly (recommended for anyone under the age of 14). Ages 10 and up, for members and non-members. NOTE: Course fee is for 1 kit but additional materials, such as power adapters and project embellishments, will be available for purchase during the workshop.

  • Member Price: $25
  • Non-Member Price: $25
  • Length: 2 hours

Make Your Own Rac3r Robot

3D print, assemble, and code your own arduino-based robot racer! 3D print the robot body, then explore breadboards to assemble the circuitry necessary to bring your robot to life. One class fee pays for one robot. Children ages 10 + are welcome if accompanied by a parent.

  • Member Price: $49
  • Non-Member Price: $49
  • Length: 3 hours

Make Your Own Side Table

In this two part workshop, create your own unique side table, from start to finish, using your metal and wood shop skills. Weld together a minimalist frame, and then finish with a custom inlaid table top, made of fine hardwood.

Make Your Own Wooden Coffee Table

Hand craft your own unique looking coffee table in this 2 session workshop. Learn the tricks to some essential wood joinery tools and techniques that are convenient for many applications. Along with the discussion of structural principles and process details, incorporate your own personalized design element, to make for a truly eye-catching furniture piece.

Make Your Own Concrete Planter

Join us for a special workshop to learn about indoor and container gardening while you mix, pour, and mold form your very own geometric concrete planter. Fill the finished products with provided soil and plants. Ages 10 and up. To sign up as a non-member, please call our front desk.

  • Member Price: $30
  • Non-Member Price: $30
  • Length: 2 hours

Make Your Own Firepit

Craft your own fire pit in the metal shop. Choose from one of four designs and practice your welding, grinding, fitting and bending skills to assemble a beautiful, unique piece for your back yard or patio. After signup, members will be contacted to pick out their preferred design.

Getting Started at NextFab

This is a friendly, small-group consultation session to help you make the most of your NextFab membership. You will introduce yourself, meet others, discuss your interests and goals, and a NextFab consultant will work with you to develop a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals.

  • Member Price: Free
  • Non-Member Price: N/A
  • Length: 1 hour

Combo Shop Safety

Learn how to safely navigate the wood and metal shops at Nextfab North Fourth, then build skills using several pneumatic, power, and hand-driven tools by making your own desk supply caddy. Safety training at our NextFab Washington Avenue includes certain tools and areas which our North Fourth location does not yet have. Please ask the shop supervisors at Washington Ave to introduce you to these, and you’ll be good to go at both locations.

Wood Shop Safety

Explore the wood shop and the basic tools it offers, including the paint booth, several powered cutting tools, hand tools, and sanding machines. Walk away with a cheeseboard of your own design, finished and ready to be used.

Metal Shop Safety

Learn how to safely navigate the shop, as well as the basic use of several powered and hand tools. Build skills on several different shop machines while creating a hand-cut and finished bottle opener.

Introduction to Electronics

Join us in NextFab’s comprehensive Electronics lab! Explore the tools and processes we have available to transform your projects. Learn about Printed Circuit Board design and manufacturing, then try your hand at soldering together your own hydro-inspired PCB. This class is designed for makers of any skill level.

Intro to Patents

Curious about what it takes to patent your idea? Join patent agent Scott Keeley for a beginner’s discussion on patent writing, application, and execution.

  • Member Price: $29
  • Non-Member Price: N/A
  • Length: 2 hours

Hand Tool Basics

Explore the world of hand tools commonly used in the wood shop by making a robot pencil sharpener. Practice safe use of chisels, hand saws, hammers, hand drills, and many other tools essential in creating and finishing fine woodworking projects.

Wood Finishing Basics

Gain familiarity with tools and techniques that help achieve professional finishes in woodworking projects. Learn about wood preparation, application of different types of finishes, use of the spray gun, and paint booth safety. Practice these skills by building a pen and pencil caddy.

Introduction to the Wood Lathe

Calling all beginners! Explore turning techniques on the Nova wood lathe, including roughing, shaping beads and coves, drilling, and finishing. Practice safe setup and operation of the wood lathe, and proper use of a variety of turning tools. Walk away with a candlestick holder or spinning top, and gain certification for unsupervised access to the wood lathe.

Bowl Turning on the Wood Lathe

Learn how to turn a wood bowl while advancing lathe skills in this project-based class. Cover the steps of setting up for bowl turning: mounting blanks, using the bowl gouge, roughing out a foot, and finishing techniques, as well as when and how to properly sharpen tools. Class fee includes material for one finished bowl per member.

Wood Preparation: Jointer, Planer, and Wide Belt Sander

Learn the basics of preparing wood for use in woodworking projects. This class will cover safe use of the jointer, planer, and time saver machines. Process rough sawn wood by flattening, straightening, and squaring. Practice using the machines by milling wood and then gluing up boards to make a finished cutting board from exotic hardwoods.

Wood Preparation: Jointer and Planer

Learn the basics of preparing wood for use in woodworking projects. This class will cover safe use of the jointer and planer. Process rough sawn wood by flattening, straightening, and squaring. Practice using the machines by milling wood and then gluing up boards to make a finished cutting board. NOTE: This class at our North Philly and Wilmington locations does not include use of the time saver machine. For training on that machine, please see a staff member at our South Philly location, free of charge.

Wood Shop: Table Saw and Miter Saw Basics

Learn the fundamentals of table saw and miter saw safety. Arguably the most used machines in the wood shop, the table saw and miter saw are essential for all levels of woodworking. Identify and use each saw’s components for safe setup and operation, while exploring different types of cuts and corresponding blades and techniques.

Table Saw II: Dados and Splines

Learn more about the most versatile tool in the wood shop. Cover the use of specific jigs and blade choices, and practice miter cuts, dados, splines and rabbet joints by making a hinged wooden box.


Explore the basics of CAD, computer aided designing, in this introductory class. Discuss project applications and learn design concepts while designing a project file for a small wooden box in VCarve Pro.

  • Prerequisites:
  • Member Price: $89
  • Non-Member Price: N/A
  • Length: 6 hours over 2 sessions


Building on concepts learned in CAD for CNC, learn the basics of CAM file design in VCarve Pro. Complete your wooden box file, and discuss toolpathing and other essential CAM concepts.

Intro to the Roland MDX

In this two part course, explore the specifics of using Vectric Aspire software to operate the Roland MDX 540, a versatile 3-axis CNC milling machine capable of fine detail and precision work. Learn how to load, initialize, and safely run the machine, then design a custom wooden jewelry pendant or belt buckle in Aspire, to be cut and produced during the second half of class.

NOTE: upon completion of the class, members will receive 2 hours of complementary machine time, to assist in tooling setup for their first project.

Intro to Shopbot

Using a completed box file from CAM for CNC, practice machining on the Shopbot, our wood shop’s largest CNC router.

NOTE: this class takes place in the woodshop and requires appropriate attire.

Welding Theory and Application

Beginners welcome! Through lecture-style instruction, learn welding theory and the application of welding principles. Cover basic definitions, safety, distinctions between welding types, and best practices for top quality welds.

  • Member Price: Free
  • Non-Member Price: $50
  • Length: 2 hours

Intro to Industrial Robotics

Explore the world of industrial robotics in this interactive lecture class. Discuss the basics of robotic movement, industrial applications, and learn about what the future of Robotics looks like at NextFab.

  • Member Price: Free
  • Non-Member Price: N/A
  • Length: 2 hours

Intro to Machining Theory

Explore the terms and concepts used in both basic machining projects and the professional machining industry in this interactive lecture. Cover milling, tapping, workholding, basic measurement and drawing interpretation, and more. NOTE: part of this lecture takes place in the metal shop. Please come dressed in natural fiber, un-cuffed pants and closed-toed shoes.

  • Member Price: Free
  • Non-Member Price: $50
  • Length: 2 hours

Intro to Metal Forging

Explore the age old art of blacksmithing in this two part course. Learn how to use tongs, hammers, and anvils to bend and forge wall coat hooks. NOTE: this class requires the ability to swing a mallet with force and requires tolerance for hot temperatures.

Metal Preparation and Layout

Learn how to identify different metals and their characteristics. Practice different layout techniques for cutting with measuring tools common in all metal shops. Try out the horizontal bandsaw, a universal cutter, and the cold saw, great for more accurate cutting of raw material. Clean, grind, and deburr cut parts, and accomplish different finishes using various metal shop tools, including the angle grinder and its many attachments. Learn how to change belts on the belt sander to suit the needs of every project.

MIG Welding: Introduction on Steel

Learn the basics of MIG welding in this two part class. Walk through setup for our MIG welding machines, and learn and practice safe techniques and welding skills. Welding jackets, helmets and leather gloves will be provided on-site, but natural fiber long pants and closed-toe leather shoes must be worn to attend class.

TIG Welding: Introduction on Steel

Learn the basics of TIG welding in this two part class. Walk through setup of the Miller Dynasty Inverter welders, and learn best practices for clean, safe TIG welds.. Welding jackets, helmets and leather gloves will be provided on-site, but natural fiber long pants and closed-toe leather shoes must be worn to attend class.

Introduction to the Metal Lathe

Train on basic use of the Acer metal lathe by turning and fabricating your very own metal bottle stopper. Practice the safe use of lathe tools while learning basic turning, facing, and tapering operations. Learn about different tools and their applications, speeds and feeds, and the different ways of clamping and securing material. NOTE: Completion of project is mandatory for unsupervised access, and will require additional time beyond class. Members will receive one extra shop day at NextFab, included in class fee.

Vertical Mill 1

Explore the basic functions and operations of milling by creating a six-sided die. Cover the steps of the machine setup, and how to properly prepare and setup material for machining. Learn safe operational practices, including selection of endmills and different mill tools, and choosing feeds and speeds. Use the digital readout system to accurately dimension your part and its features. NOTE: Completion of project is mandatory for unsupervised access, and will require additional time beyond class. Members will receive one extra shop day at NextFab, included in class fee.

Advanced MIG Welding with Lincoln STT

In two parts, learn the advanced features and functions of the Lincoln STT MIG Welder, capable of next-level functions not available with the facility’s simpler welders. Discuss the benefits of pulse welding, optimize machine use based on situational factors, and learn how to make cleaner, more consistent welds.

Industrial CNC milling with the HAAS VMC

In four parts, gain hands-on experience and fundamental understanding of the HAAS Vertical Machining Center. Machine a part from a file provided by NextFab, while learning basic machine function and the software required to design and create files. NOTE: Students will need to schedule an additional session as one-on-one private instruction, and upon completion receive a copy of the programming handbook.

Intro to Wire Wrapping for Jewelry

Pick from a variety of stones provided by your instructor to make your very own wire wrapped stone pendant necklace in this beginner-friendly class. Explore basic techniques while also learning how to make rosary chains, useful in many different types of jewelry projects. One class fee pays for one necklace.

  • Member Price: $69
  • Non-Member Price: $119
  • Length: 2 hours

Intro to Jewelry

Make a keychain, pendant, or pet name tag as an introduction to jewelry making. Learn basic use of standard hand tools and equipment in the jewelry studio, including the jeweler’s saw, stamping materials, and flex shaft. NOTE: to gain unsupervised access to the jeweler’s benches, members must take wood or combo safety. This class is only taught at our North 4th location.

  • Member Price: $89
  • Non-Member Price: $139
  • Length: 3 hours

Working with the Torch: An Introduction to Soldering and Annealing for Jewelry

In this two part course, learn how to safely and confidently operate the torch for annealing and soldering of jewelry metals. Make three, customized projects: a custom sterling silver ring, a bracelet, and a pin. From beginners to those looking to improve their technique, this class is packed with the tips and tricks for soldering success. Explore metal characteristics through demonstrations and detailed instruction. After completing this course, members gain unsupervised access to the soldering area of the jeweler’s studio. This class is only taught at our North Fourth location.

Intro to Enameling For Jewelry

Learn the basics of vitreous enamel, including proper application, physical characteristics of enamel, proper use of a kiln, and proper cleanup. Practice on flat and 3-dimensional shapes to gain a better range of working surfaces. Projects will include a flat pendant and a formed, tab-set pendant.

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics drawing and editing software, useful for creating files for digital fabrication at NextFab. This introductory class will cover the interface, tools, layers, and more. By the end of the class you will be comfortable navigating the software. NOTE: Basic computer navigational skills are necessary to take and understand this class.

  • Member Price: $49
  • Non-Member Price: $99
  • Length: 2 hours

Introduction to SolidWorks

Solidworks is CAD software that creates geometry for 3D parts and assemblies. Learn how to navigate menus and options, create sketches, and utilize different shape options to create custom geometries and dimensions. Extrude, cut, and fillet a sketch, and discuss how to change appearances and scenes to create professional looking renderings.

  • Member Price: $49
  • Non-Member Price: $99
  • Length: 3 hours

Introduction to Rhinoceros 5.0

Rhinoceros (Rhino) is 3-D modeling design software, commonly used by a variety of industries. Learn the basics of navigating and using the software, the various projects and design areas that benefit from the use of Rhino, and basic CAD principles. Work to design a basic project of your choosing, available as a file for personal use upon completion of class. NOTE: Basic computer navigational skills are necessary to take and understand this class.

  • Member Price: $49
  • Non-Member Price: $99
  • Length: 2 hours

Rhino for Woodworking and Furniture Building

Learn how to use Rhino to create 3D models and plans for furniture design. Practice by drafting a coffee table, and exploring more complicated features not covered in our intro class.

Inkjet Printing on the Epson 9900

The Epson 9900 is a high quality printer designed to take photographic printing and art reproduction to the next level. Learn how to print professional looking photographs on various sizes of material. Setup and operate the machine, and print custom color or black-and-white photo prints on Epson Luster paper.

Vinyl Printing and Cutting

Explore different formats of printing with the Roland XR-640, perfect for creating decals, stickers, banners, apparel transfers and more. Learn the step-by-step process of preparing graphics, basic machine setup, software usage, and production for different applications.

Machine Sewing Basics

Cover the basics of operating a traditional, consumer-grade sewing machine. Learn to identify machine parts and set them up to sew, wind bobbins, and prepare material for sewing. Gain confidence in identifying different types of fabric, needles and stitches, and when to use each. Walk away with a tote bag sewn to completion. NOTE: students may bring in their own fabric to class if they wish, or will be asked to complete the project using basic fabric provided by NextFab.

  • Member Price: $59
  • Non-Member Price: $109
  • Length: 2 hours

Machine Sewing II: Buttons and Zippers

Take your basic sewing skills to the next level. Learn to sew french seams, zippers, make a buttonhole, and use the machine to sew on buttons while creating a personalized, fully lined Dopp kit.

Digital Embroidery I

Learn the basics of digital embroidery operating the Brother Innov-ís 2800D embroidery machine and the PE-Design NEXT software. Topics will include navigating the machine’s LCD interface, setting up the machine and software, matching types of threads and needles to their intended applications, and troubleshooting common problems. Explore correct use of a hoop and stabilizer to embroider basic imagery.

Digital Embroidery II

Dive into Design Center, an in-depth area of PE Design NEXT, allowing for more comprehensive image editing. Learn additional attachments for the embroidery machine and use the editing menus to ensure a perfect embroidery. Members will also practice techniques for embroidering on experimental materials and utilizing alternative stabilizers. NOTE: Members should bring their own imagery containing a maximum of 5 colors. They may also bring in their own fabric, or can use scrap fabric provided by NextFab.

Illustrator for Laser Cutting and Engraving

Through a combination of guided instruction and independent work, build on existing knowledge of Adobe Illustrator to create and design for laser cutting. Explore features that can be used for laser design including layer use, smart guides, bitmaps, clipping paths, compound shapes and kerf testing. Time will be given at the end of class to work on personal files. Introduction to Adobe Illustrator or a prior working knowledge of Illustrator is required.

Lasers: Operating the Trotec Speedy 500 and Trotec Flexx 300 Lasers

Learn to safely operate the Trotec 300 and Trotec 500 laser engravers. Discuss material choice, file prep, laser focusing, air filtration, and clean up. Practice preparing files for the lasers, and use a NextFab provided file to demo cutting. NOTE: Upon completion of class, students will schedule an appointment with a staff member to demonstrate their ability to safely operate the machines. Completion of this appointment will grant the member access to the Trotec lasers.

Lasers: Operating the Trotec II

Explore various advanced techniques on our Trotec lasers while engraving provided metal dog tags. Learn the basics of laser-created tapering, a fundamental of inlaying one type of wood into another. Practice jig-registration techniques for engraving objects not created on the laser. Engrave photo realistic parts and discuss the principles of kerf fitting.

Lasers: Operating the Universal Laser I

Learn to safely operate the Universal laser to cut and engrave a variety of materials. Using a file provided by NextFab, prep, cut, and finish your own keychain. Explore best practices for material choice, file preparation, and color and stroke choice. After the class, schedule an appointment with NextFab staff to demonstrate ability and gain unsupervised access to the laser.

Lasers: Operating the Universal Laser II

Explore various advanced techniques on the universal laser. Learn the basics of laser-created tapering, a fundamental of inlaying one type of wood into another. Press-fit acrylic together using pressure, and review double sided and registration techniques for advanced laser design and production.

Using the Rotary Attachment: Custom Pint Glasses

Etch your own custom pint glass! Practice proper techniques to install and safely use the rotary attachment for the laser cutter. This attachment allows for engraving and cutting cylindrical objects without distortion. Build on existing skills and learn to laser etch on all 360 degrees. Each participant will receive one pint glass to engrave. Additional pint glasses may be purchased for an extra fee.

Circuits I

Explore basic electronic circuits by dabbling with various electronic tools. Learn about schematics and symbolism, and begin to understand how to read a circuit schematic and build a real circuit. Experiment with components including resistors, LEDs and diodes and gain a general knowledge of electricity and its behavior.

  • Member Price: $59
  • Non-Member Price: $109
  • Length: 2 hours

Circuits II

Bring your electronics knowledge to the next level in this advanced circuits class. Learn about diodes, capacitors and inductors to examine how circuits change with time. Use an op-amp to drive a speaker, and a 555 timer to control the brightness of an led via pulse width modulation.

Circuit Analysis

See what’s happening electrically inside of your circuit! Use analysis tools, including the oscilloscope and function generator, to observe circuit behavior in real time. Learn how to build a PWM (pulse width modulated) motor driver and analyze the real output of the circuit compared to the predicted output.

Advanced Soldering

Delve deeper into soldering techniques used for small batch prototyping with surface mount components. Explore the numerous SMD component packages along with methods of using and reflowing solder paste and board rework.

Introduction to Microcontrollers with Arduino

Learn how to program hardware and create embedded systems with this introduction to Arduino, the popular, open-source development platform that provides novices and professionals alike with a massive array of options. Experiment with inputs and outputs, and finish the class with building a simple theremin.

  • Member Price: $59
  • Non-Member Price: $109
  • Length: 2 hours

Intermediate Arduino Concepts

In this two part course, cultivate more advanced coding techniques and algorithm development using the Arduino platform to create code that is well organized, fully commented, and efficiently run. Learn about libraries, functions, arrays, state machines, and branching statements.

Consumer Grade 3D Printing

Learn to use our open-source 3D printers by picking and printing a design from NextFab’s curated archive of pre-approved project files. Experience simulations of commonly encountered problems, and learn how to troubleshoot and adjust a machine for clean, precise prints. Completion of this class gains members unsupervised, free access to our consumer model 3D printers for personal use. Note: students are welcome to stay after class to try out longer prints or test out their newly learned skills with more complicated files.

  • Member Price: $49
  • Non-Member Price: $99
  • Length: 2 hours

3D Printing using the Stratasys Dimension

Learn how to use Stratasys Catalyst, the control software for the Dimension SST, to 3D print complex designs in durable ABS plastic. Capable of printing in two materials, prints on the Stratasys Dimension can have overhanging and embedded parts, created with dissolvable support structures. Orient, scale, copy and set print resolutions and densities in Catalyst, and practice safe operation of the Support Cleaning Apparatus (SCA) to remove the support material from the 3d print. NOTE: On completion of the course, participants will be able to submit prints to the Dimension using the Catalyst software. A demonstration of the safety procedures for the SCA will be scheduled, at the student’s convenience, to allow unsupervised access to the equipment.

3D Scanning with the NextEngine HD Pro

Discover the NextEngine 3D Scanner, capable of scanning existing 3d objects to create export files for 3D printing and CNC reproductions. Learn how to run the machine, which objects are scannable, and the triangulation process used to produce a point cloud.

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