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At NextFab, our studios are a fun, collaborative environment where creativity and education are part of every single day.

Each of our team members offers a diverse range of awesome skills and experiences that they’re excited to share with our communities. Whether they’re teaching classes, answering questions, or making something incredible, these are the people that make NextFab who we are.


North Philadelphia

Melissa Guglielmo
Director of Programming & Jewelry Supervisor (She, Her)
Melissa Guglielmo Director of Programming & Jewelry Supervisor (She, Her)

I run the Jewelry Department at NextFab and have expertise in working with metal at a small scale. I graduated from University of the Arts with a degree in Crafts, and have had many odd jobs over the years working across diverse materials including glass, wood, and textiles. I worked at an awesome ethically sourced jewelry shop for over four years and gained important knowledge of both the retail side of making and the value of offering customizations.

I joined the team in 2014 when NextFab was just starting its second location in North Philly. This location was slated to include a new department – Jewelry! I really enjoy teaching and the continued learning environment that the studios support. The community, connections and shared resources are a constant inspiration to push myself and each other to set goals and put the work in to see them through. My work day is incredibly dynamic and requires a balance of all of the things – this requires a ‘figure it out’ team spirit that I have endless gratitude for everyday! In 2021, I participated in a collaborative quilt project that was started by NextFab member Kara Khan, where I brought in my jewelry skills by making small leaves that I embroidered onto the quilt square. I purchased reclaimed corset boning from The Resource Exchange and stitched these on as the border. The contributors were all women, including a coworker and a great friend. Sometimes working on a collaborative piece is just what you need to get inspired to work on your personal projects again!

South Philadelphia