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  • Access to Classes
  • Access to all Locations & Departments
  • Access to the Jobs Board
  • One-On-One Training
  • Online Library (Project Templates, How-To’s, Etc.)
  • Software Access (Adobe, Solidworks, CAD)
  • 24- Hour Makerspace Access by Application

Studio Space

Various Levels
Available private workspaces, studios, storage space, and offices.
  • Full Access Standard Membership ($219/month value)
  • A Business Address at NextFab
  • Shipping & Receiving service for materials and product
  • Utilities included: electric, HVAC, and WiFi
  • So much more…

+ $30 JUNIOR MEMBER – Adult members with any level of membership can add a junior member age 10-17. Additional rules apply.

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When you join NextFab, enjoy access to all our features at any location, no matter your membership level.

A NextFab membership provides access to our digital and traditional tools, software, spaces, classes, and expertise. You’ll gain education, private training, support, and guidance from our experts on staff – customized for your skill level, interests, and goals. Plus, you’ll join a unique community of passionate and collaborative makers to share and learn from.

We believe in our community.
That the innovative and creative minds of our makers are central to our community at NextFab. How you learn, grow, and connect is key to your journey. We believe that success doesn’t happen in a siloed box but through a collaborative culture.

Member access to NextFab Woodshop and tools

We believe in access to technology.
By providing access to expert instructors and state-of-the-art equipment, from hand tools to high-tech machines, our members can develop a deep sense of confidence in their fabrication journey. We provide access to the space they want to work in and find inspiration as they work alongside members from different disciplines. We believe that access to high-quality space, maintained equipment, and expert staff is central to our mission.

Member access to NextFab laser cutting shop

We believe in hands-on classes.
All of our members are capable of accomplishing whatever they put their minds to, and our teaching structure reflects that ideology. Classes demystify the making process and open a window of possibilities, through our one to a two-person class cap, we make sure you can learn effectively. You will develop usable skills, understand why they are important, and leave class with a deeper desire to learn more and continue growing.

Member access to NextFab Textiles Shop and tools

We know making.
And we’re here to help you.

There is a maker in all of us. The NextFab makerspace community is the place where your dreams turn into ideas, ideas into possibilities, and possibilities into real-world products. We’re here to welcome, support, and inspire you wherever you are on your making journey. We are your success in the making.

Member access to NextFab Jewelry Shop and tools

What to expect as a member?

Expect state of the art tools and equipment

Purpose-Built Space and Equipment

We maintain and monitor over three million dollars worth of high-end equipment and tools in over 100,000 square feet of space across our three locations. This includes everything from hand tools to large manufacturing equipment.

Expect access to all shops

Access to All Shops + Departments

Membership includes access to our woodshop, metal shop, 3D printing and digital fabrication labs, textiles and jewelry studios, laser cutting and CNC shops, and open workspaces (location-dependant).

Expect in-house expert technical staff

In-House Expert Technical Staff

We have over 20+ technical staff for all of our shops that have helped our members build their projects, refine their processes, and teach new techniques through one-one training and classes.

Expect classes and training

Classes + Training

Our education model offers one-on-one training and classes to teach you how to safely operate our equipment, learn new techniques, and develop skills.

Expect access to hire a freelancer board

Jobs Board Access

Earn extra income while working with your hands through projects posted on our Jobs Board. This online forum houses freelance projects businesses post for our members to complete.

Expect materials for sale

Materials for Sale + Included Materials

We maintain a stock of materials for sale for our members – everything from timber to acrylic boards to jewelry wire, at cost. We also provide readily available materials, such as screws, dowels, and nails, included in your membership costs.

Expect storage studios

Storage + Studios

If you’ve got larger projects or need more space, we provide project storage spaces, private studios, and office spaces to work and store materials and projects. *Additional costs apply

Expect access to product development team

Business Resources

Members can enjoy opportunities and events, consult with experts in marketing, business, and patents through virtual office hours, and gain access to business resources to help work towards success and profitability.

Expect access to programs


We have a vibrant and diverse community of makers that contribute to our shared spaces through support, mentorship, and collaboration as the backbone of our values.

How do I become a member?

Join Step 1

Fill out the Membership Agreement Form

This gives you access to all departments, shops, and locations, and begins your membership billing with us. Don’t worry, we prorate your first month, so you can start when you’re ready to start making.

Join Step 2

Log Into The Member Portal

The Member Portal is our internal system where members can sign up for classes, reserve machines, and access online resources. Get started right away by completing your login!

When creating your account for the first time, visit reset.nextfab.com.

  • Your username will be your first and last name (all lowercase with no spaces Example: johnsmith).
  • Click on Forgot Password?.
  • Enter your email address listed in your New Membership Agreement form.
  • Click the Reset Password button and enter the password you’d like to use.

Log Into the Member Portal

Join Step 3

Complete the Virtual New Member Orientation

After filling out the Membership Agreement form, you should automatically receive an email with follow-up instructions. This self-guided online orientation will teach you how to navigate our facilities, connect with our community and access our resources. It should take about 20 minutes to complete the self-paced modules.

Join Step 4

Find the class offering that works best for you

In order to access our shops and equipment, you’ll need to be certified by NextFab staff for safe use. Classes are the best way to learn how to use a tool/machine safely and gain certifications for use in our shops. Private Training or certification check sessions are the best way to receive one-on-one training to guide you through learning a new skill, problem-solve your project, or certify you on the equipment you have pre-existing knowledge of.

Choose the level that’s right for you

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