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Halloween Costume Sewing Workshop

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As part of our Halloween Costume Course, we will be going over the basics of sewing your costume! To do this, our instructors will be showing you how to hack a softgood item to guide you in sewing YOUR costume!   

Maybe you want to be a wizard- we'll show you how to hack a Snuggie into a wizard's robe.  Or maybe you want to be a frog- we'll show you how to hack a pair of gloves to help you create big old frog hands.  Whatever your costume is, there is an existing garment that can guide you in sewing it!

Students must bring in a garment/ soft good that we will show you how to hack according to the design of their costume.  Any special fabric a student may want to use on their final costume should be brought as well.  Email with any questions! 

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Make Your Halloween Mask with a Vacuum Former!

For this very special Halloween Costume Course event, we will be using our brand new Vacuum Former to form a mask for your Halloween costume!  Our expert staff will explain some thermoforming basic principles and material selection tips, and then we will all get into some Halloween mask vac forming fun.  We will then customize each mask with paint, scissors, creativity, and our collective imagination!  Come out for what will be a fun and spooky time!

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Let's Finish That Halloween Costume!

In the final hurrah of our Halloween Costume Course, our expert staff will be on hand to help you finish up your Halloween costume as much as possible. Need some tips about finishing those seams? Need a hand with making those wings? Worried it won’t all come together by the 31st? Halloween won’t wait, so neither can you!  We’re here to help!

Categories: workshop
Tags: halloween

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