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NextFabulous Social +Etsy Craft Party

NextFab, meet Etsy, Etsy, meet NextFab

NextFab and Etsy are a match made in heaven. There are quite a few NextFab members that are also Etsy users. How can we not love Etsy! We all love making things and buying things that are handmade, and we all love supporting small businesses and DIY culture.

NextFab is super excited to be hosting the Etsy Craft Party again this year! It will be coinciding with our monthly get-together: the NextFablous Social. It made perfect sense to combine the two into one.

Let's meet and greet fellow makers, crafters, and designers from around the city!

The theme for this year's party is COMMUNITY:

During the event we will work on a simple DIY Planter project. Materials and tools will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own supplies. You will be able to take your planter home with you at the conclusion of the event to share something green with your own community.

Other event highlights include:

  • Show & Tell
  • Leftover Material Give-Away
  • Project Swap

Light snacks and drinks will be provided.

Please RSVP here

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