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Test Your Elevator Pitch with Ben Franklin Tech Partners

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NextFab Studio is hosting a nationwide open audition for Shark Tank, the ABC network’s hit entrepreneurship reality series on May 11th, 2013. The first 500 entrepreneurs to arrive at the audition are guaranteed to be interviewed and will pitch the “Shark Tank” casting team with their products, services or ideas. You will have 1-2 minutes to present and convince the VCs that your business is worth an investment! 

Do you think your idea is the Next Big Thing? This is your chance to make it into a reality! 


Come try out your "elevator pitch" with real venture capitalists and celebrity experts fromBen Franklin Technology Partners (BFTP): the premier provider of the capital, knowledge and networks that help innovative enterprises compete in the global marketplace, generate wealth and support regional economic growth. Ben Franklin has invested more than $165 million to grow more than 1,750 regional enterprises, across all areas of technology.  

For more information on Ben Franklin Technology Partners please visit their website.

Each presenter will get valueable feedback on business strategy, financing, negotiation, followed by a brief Q+A. 

The best presenters selected by the judges will be given a wristband, which will guarantee an interview with the Shark Tank producers on 5/11!

NOTE: Participation for this event does not guarantee the admission for Shark Tank Casting Call on 5/11. For the most up-to-date information on the casting call, please visit our website

This event is made possible by Ben Franklin Technology Partners, a national, award winning organization for stimulating entrepreneurial potential through entrepreneurship, technology and enovation.

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Shark Tank Casting Call

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Shark Tank Casting Call in Philadelphia!

NextFab will be the host for one of the five nationwide casting calls for Shark Tank, the ABC hit entrepreneurship reality TV series. The first 500 entrepreneurs who show up are guaranteed to be seen by the “Shark Tank” casting team and will get to pitch their products, services or ideas.

You think you've got an idea for the Next Big Thing? Get ready. It’s your chance to pitch it to real VCs (venture capitalists).

For more info, please visit:

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