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Camp ShopBot 2013

ShopBot is an amazing do-all tool for precisely cutting, carving, drilling or machining all kinds of things from all kinds of materials such as wood, plastics, aluminum and more. At NextFab, we do have a ShopBot and we LOVE it! 

It's great for rapid prototyping and production of small parts ready for assembly, as well as for cranking out repetitive parts or large components. 

ShopBot Tool, Inc., the maker of the ShopBot regularly holds Camp ShopBot for current and prospective users in different parts of the country and this year NextFab will be the host for the North East region. It's a great opportunity to share the knowledge and meet other fellow users and learn new tricks and tips. If you never had use it before, you'll find out all you need to know to get started. 

The highlight of the Camp will be the “Show and Tell”. Bring in something made using their ShopBot, and show-off your skill!

There will also be a discussion on how you might utilize a Shopbot in a business application, and if you are already doing so, you can hear from others how they have been able to keep their doors open in the current economy.

For specific questions, you can always contact the  directly. 


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