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3D Printer Marathon

This is a two part class offered for a limited time on the same day. Students are required to take both classes consecutively. 

Sign up HERE to take both classes this Saturday, January 19th.

The Stratasys Dimension SST 1200es prints three-dimensional parts using ABS plastic and a soluble support material, resulting in objects that are both detailed and durable. 

Part I of this class will explain the printing process and go into greater detail about the materials it uses. Also covered will be a demonstration of the machine’s proprietary toolpathing program, Catalyst; the available print resolution; and proper placement and orientation of objects. Additionally, participants will finish their printed objects. Both the bathing process and the removal of soluble support will be covered. 

In the second part of this class, members will learn how to operate the hardware side of the Stratasys Dimension SST 1200es 3-D printer. This course will teach you the prep and post printing skills of the Dimension. You will master the skills of purging the machine, cleaning the envelope, changing material and starting your print. After a demonstration of proficiency, an individual will be able to manage the entire FDM 3D printing process without staff assistance.

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