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NextFabulous Show&Tell

NextFabulous Show&Tell

This is a great opportunity for local designers, inventors, artists, Etsyists, and anyone who likes to MAKE things. Bring your project, finished or unfinished, share your concept and thoughts with fellow makers in town! Come meet the special guests (local shop owners, buyers, curators, etc...) who will be able to share their insights: show off your work and get connected!!

This event is open to the public and anyone with/without a project is welcome to attend!

Have a project to present? Please RSVP by September 1st to

Featured Designer / Artists

Miguel Antonio Horn will be talking about his studio, Traction Company and how his experience at NextFab has shaped some of his latest work. He will be talking about how different technologies at NextFab were used for creative publicity at the exhibitions over the past couple years. He will bring in one or two artworks as well. 

Bevan Weissman will be presenting about a project he has been working on called "Culture Tap".  

Culture Tap is a series of interactive kiosks activated by the "Charlie Card," Boston's RFID subway pass.  When people tap their cards they'll be rewarded with a unique audio story about the neighborhood, or with a light show depending on the time of day.

Laureen Griffin will be talking about designing light fixtures and laser cut lampshades. She will bring in the lamp she designed and built back in the fall of 2010 as part of her NextFab Studio Residency. 

Also, Laureen will be talking about her experience designing on her iPad using apps iDraw and Procreate. Procreate to sketch and iDraw for creating vector patterns for laser cutting.  Simple designs can be used for creating lampshades, mylar stencils, etc. 

and YOU!

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Professional Practices for Artists

6 Tuesdays, 7pm-9pm: September 17th, 21st, October 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd

Professional Practices for Artists - A six week class series addressing the basic business skills needed to build and sustain an artistic practice.

This six week series of classes focuses on the practical and business skills needed to build and sustain a professional studio practice. It addresses specific demands outside of working in the studio and making art and concentrates on the development of presentation and promotional materials for your professional profile.

These materials include artist/work statements, documentation of work, resume/bio/CV and submission/applications. There will be a focus on research for and outreach to available opportunities along with creating new ones.

Learn to present your work in the best possible light – other areas of focus will include writing about your work, photographing your work, preparing for an up-to-date website, record keeping, taxes, pricing work, and other business related skills.

Week One (September 17thOverview and intro to writing about work. An introduction to the subject of Professional Practices for artists, the variables involved and how they are applied to career development. We begin a focus on writing in relation to art and design.
Week Two (September 21st) — Resume/Bio/Artist Statement are three key written components to pursuing most opportunities. We will talk about formats for each of these materials and begin development of new or revisions of existing ones.
Week Three (October 1st) -— Photography of Work, manipulation and storage of images. Most often, work is exposed to viewers in reproduction. Photographs remain available and in circulation long after the objects that they represent. This week we will concentrate on good photography and archiving. 
Week Four (October 8th) — Researching or creating opportunities, budgets, proposals, timelines. In the development of a career it is necessary to search for opportunities and apply to them. This week focuses on this pursuit and the materials that may be required.
Week Five (October 15th) — Keeping records for taxes/inventory/promotion. We will tackle the challenge of organization and look at systems and concepts that can be helpful in the process of a growing career.
Week Six (October 22nd) — Organizing presentation materials for proposals/application/website. In this class we will look to focus the presentation of materials that represent the artist and their work in relation to the artists goals.
    • shelleyspector

Shelley Spector is an artist, curator and teacher. She creates multidisciplinary works that explore themes including communal and personal identity, perception, transformation and the environment. Her work is part of many collections including The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and the Human Rights Campaign in Washington, DC. Spector has received grants from the Independence Foundation Fellowship in the Arts, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and Leeway Foundation. She founded SPECTOR Gallery/Projects, working outside the traditional gallery system to champion new talent and concepts. An offshoot of this is Artjaw,com, an online anthology of first person stories from the Philadelphia art community. She teaches at University of the Arts, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Tyler School of Art and Moore College of Art.

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Makerfaire NYC 2013 Road trip

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If you were thinking about heading up to NYC for MakerFaire 2013 this is your chance.

Join NextFab on Saturday, September 21st, for an action packed day of DIY/Maker Community interaction.

A fully equipped chartered bus will leave NextFab, 2025 Washington Ave, at 8am with return departure from NYC at 7pm. Taking a bus is an easy and affordable way to get to NYC and a great opportunity to interact with local makers.

As always this year’s MakerFaire NYC event will host a number of awesome interactive exhibits and presentations. Check out the day’s schedule at MakerFaire NYC 2013 schedule. The event will also feature some of the maker community’s most innovative minds. A full list can be found at MakerFaire Meet The Makers.

Ticket price is only $50/member and $75/non-member. The price includes transportation and admission ticket to MakerFaire 2013.

This event is open to the general maker community.

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SEPTEMBER BUILD NIGHT Instructables + Lumi

    • lumi
Lumi and Instructables are the creative forces behind our next September Build Night to be hosted at NextFab Studio on Sunday, September 22nd at 12pm. This month’s build will focus on the revolutionary Lumi DIY alternative to screen printing which utilizes photographic print dyes on textiles and natural materials.

Unlike traditional screenprinting, which can be messy and impractical for prototyping, Lumi’s process of harnessing the power of the sun to activate a photo-dye allows designers to make professional style prints on natural fabrics without costly tooling. At the event we will learn more about this process and make customized t-shirts by utilizing these fabrication tools.


(1) Print Fabric with Light Kit
(1) 16 oz bottle of Inkodye
(1) Inkodye


The event is free of charge and open to the public.  Space is limited, so register today!

What to bring:

  • a 100% cotton t-shirt to print on. If you prefer to print on something other than a cotton t-shirt please feel free to bring an object of natural absorbent fiber such as cotton, linen, raw silk, jute, hemp, burlap, wool, suede, or even raw leather.  
  • A photo or design (a .jpeg file) you'd like to transfer to the fabric.

Here are some links for more information and ideas on this innovative fabrication process to help get you in the mood for the build night:

    • Lumi build night


Instructables is sponsoring monthly build nights at makerspaces and hackerspaces around the world. In return, the participating organizasions will work with attendies to create step-by-step instructions to be posted on Instrucatables website.

We are very excited to see a lot of you, textile and screen printing lovers, at this event.

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