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Metal Finishing Workshop

4 Saturdays, 2-4PM: October 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th

This 4 session course will cover the preparation of metal surfaces for a range of patina techniques. Application of hot and cold patina formulas on a variety of metals will be explored. Steel, copper, brass, aluminum, zinc and stainless steel can be textured and colored to produce a nearly limitless range of colors. Methods of preserving the finishes will also be addressed in detail. 
    • Metal Finishing

Fine decorative finishes can raise a piece of metalwork to high craft. By understanding the interaction of surface and finish it is possible to add real beauty and value to your work.

    • metal finishing
Justin Kumpf is an artist, trained as an industrial designer who has honed his craft in production environments. He founded LIGHTFAST Design and Build in 2011, a unique and multifaceted company that offers custom fabrication, contract metal finishing, consultations, and training to architecture & design firms, classrooms, and fellow fabricators.
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Session One:

  • Presentation of examples of decorative metal finishing (slides and real examples)
  • Preparation of metal for finishing (demonstration)
  • Basic black process for steel with long term stability in mind.
  • Q & A 
Session Two:
  • Theory of metal finishing (slides and real examples - science warning)
  • Safety & PPE
  • Three on Three Demonstration (three finishes for three metals - steel, brass, galvanized)
  • Types of sealants and preservatives (15 min)
Session Three:
  • Variations on a Theme - ways to use the previous three methods to get a range of colors/textures.
  • Student work - (whatever they want to work on - with guidance)
Session Four: 
  • More student work with guidance,
  • Sealing and protecting a finish (on the student project.)
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