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Industrial Design Opportunity with NextFab and DuPont (members only)

NextFab has been invited by DuPont to participate in a unique collaboration to develop new applications for their Surlyn® polymer. Surlyn® is used for its toughness, scratch resistance, and optical clarity in golf balls, building materials, winter sporting goods, and luxury perfume bottles.  DuPont has selected NextFab for this partnership because of the exceptional combined capabilities of our staff, our 350-strong community of innovators, and our facilities. The incentives for our participation include recognition from DuPont and a significant financial stake for NextFab and community participants in DuPont's Surlyn® resin sales for any successfully commercialized large-scale applications we identify together.

If you are interested in dreaming up new applications, doing market research, material and process experimentation and product prototyping, and everything else necessary to prove the value of a new application, we invite you to our Information Session on Wednesday, January 29th at 6pm to learn more about Surlyn®, the project plan, and the incentives.

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