NextFab 2025 Washington Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19146 +1 (215) 921-3649

NextFab Staff Contact Information

Evan Malone, Ph.D.

Ken Tomlinson
Chief Financial Officer

Laate Olukotun
Marketing Manager

Marcelle Rice
Assistant Marketing Manager

Marcella Barker
Manager of Membership Services

Anna Solomon
Assistant Manager of Membership Services
Matt Bell
Manager of Contract Services
Alexander Numann 
Manager, CAD/CAM/CAE
Walt Barger
Manager, 3D & Laser Processes
Scott Newcomb
Technical Supervisor, 3D & Laser Processes
Tyreek Powell 
Facilities Manager
Todor "Ted" Raykov
Business Development Manager
Julie Logwood
Human Resources Manager
John Haggerty
Manager, Wood Processes
Matthew Malesky
Implementation Manager
Justin Odhner
Technical Supervisor, Wood Processes
Christopher Kolb
Design Assistant, Contract Services and Marketing
Matt Watson
Manager, Metals Processes
Amanda Fowler
Technical Supervisor, Metals Processes
Gregg Higham 
Manager, Technical & Member Support
Matt Garfield
Electronics Manager
Jonathan Eskow
Electronics Supervisor
Melissa Guglielmo
Location Manager & Jewelry Supervisor
Lisa DellaPorta
Education Manager
Diana Montgomery
Front Desk Coordinator
Danica Webbe
Front Desk Coordinator
Caitlin Ford
Front Desk Coordinator
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