NextFab 2025 Washington Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19146 +1 (215) 921-3649

NextFab Staff Contact Information

Evan Malone, Ph.D.

Alan Mathason
Chief Operating Officer

Michael Costello
Director of Contract Services

Ross Kessler
Director of Electronic Product Development

Alexander Numann 
Manager, CAD/CAM/CAE

Yulia Novozhilova
Manager, Advertising & Marketing
Angie Hilem
Marketing Communications Specialist
Christine Zapata
Manager, Education Services
Manager, Textile Processes
Rachel Kotkoskie
Manager, Photography & 2D Printing
Brandon Boulden 
Manager, Laser Processes, 3D Imaging & 3D Printing
John Haggerty
Manager, Wood Processes
Matthew Malesky
Technical Supervisor, Wood Processes
Christopher Kolb
Technical Supervisor, Wood Processes
James Brown
Manager, Metals Processes
Gregg Higham 
Manager, Technical & Member Support
Chris Thompson
Staff, Technical & Member Support
Supervisor, 3D Printing
Marcella Barker
Assistant Office Manager & Bookkeeper
Patrick Friend
Assistant Office Manager & Bookkeeper
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