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Laser Cutting and Engraving

Our laser cutters are capable of cutting through sheet materials up to a quarter of an inch in thickness including paper, acrylic, textiles, and wood. We also offer laser engraving services for photographic etching and engraving on those materials as well as non-ferrous metals or anodized metals.




  • Laser Cutting 
  • Laser Engraving 
  • Engraving of Cylindrical Objects
  • Photographic Engraving


Pricing Information

NextFab Studio can design and/or build your project for you – we revel in tackling new and interesting challenges.  
Please contact us to discuss your needs and to obtain a quotation for your project.
For your reference, the tables below describe our fee structure for Laser and Engraving Sevices.
To assure each customer that their job will receive excellent service, we have a contract minimum of $100 per job.
Category Item Unit Price
Service File Preparation (first hour, additional hours at consulting rate) Hour $50
  Labor Hour $75
  Consulting Hour $100
  Laser Cutting and Engraving hour $55

Note: We charge in quarter hour increments.


For more specific questions regarding our laser services contact us at