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NextFab is the regional leader in innovation and manufacturing enabled by next generation digital design and fabrication techniques. We work closely with technology-based economic development programs and other funding institutions in order to provide easy access to grants and loans to the companies in its business incubator. 

Silicon Valley and cities across the US have seen an explosion of incubators. An information technology startup only needs a desk, some wifi and a talented team. Hardware startups need desks too, but what they need more is access to serious capital equipment and manufacturing knowhow that until now, had only been accessible by buying it themselves (not cost effective) or renting time with a large manufacturing firm (inefficient).

What Amazon Web Services has done to democratize starting a technology company is what NextFab has done to democratize hardware. With the Internet of Things, Medical Technology Advances, 3D printing, digital design software and computer controlled machinery we see a void to fill that brings manufacturing into the 21st century and on equal footing with the next cool software startup.