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Make it your life: co-work, art work, invention and entrepreneurship anytime or all the time in the ultimate places for innovation. NextFab has a membership type to suit your needs. Join a vibrant and diverse community of creative, intelligent, entrepreneurial people like you — Become a NextFab Member!

Members have access to:

  • Multiple locations in the Philadelphia area!
  • Cutting edge digital and traditional tools for wood, metal, plastics, textiles, graphics, electronics, and software, and more...
  • High-performance workstations with full commercial licenses of industry standard 2D and 3D creative, design, and engineering software
  • Friendly and helpful expert artists, designers, and engineers on staff
  • Introductory, intermediate, and expert instruction on all tools and advanced topics
  • Relaxing lounge areas with entertainment
  • Executive conference room for private meetings
  • ...and so much more!

Life as a member

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