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Jewelry Forming Station

Texture and form bracelets, rings and jewelry forms with ease using the mandrels and hammers.

Orion Pulse Arc Welder

Micro welding allows metal to be joined with precision and little heat transfer.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Effective at cleaning jewelry and small metal parts. Removes residues and leaves metal clean.

Rotary Tumbler

Used in production jewelry with different grit media to finish small metal parts.

Wax Injector

Used for lost wax casting, the injector heats wax and uses pressurized air to fill a rubber mold.

Enameling Kiln

Provides a controlled high heat environment to fire glass enamel and Precious Metal Clay.

Soldering Station

Acetylene torches suited for soldering and annealing brass, bronze, copper, gold and silver.

Durston Rolling Mill

This precision mill is used to reduce the gauge of your metal to meet your design need with ease.

Drill Press (Jewelry)

Used for competent drilling of micro holes down to 1/64" for jewelry and other delicate metals.

Polishing Machine

Efficiently bring a uniform finish to metal. Motor reaches high speeds needed for polished finishes.