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Pexto Box and Pan Brake

Box and Pan Brake

Metalworking machine used for efficiently bending sheet metal into pans and sheets.
Grizzly Vertical Bandsaw

Grizzly Vertical Bandsaw

Variable speed bandsaw for making straight or curved cuts in sheet metal. Cut thin gauge sheet metal in steel, up to 1/4" in soft metals.
Scotchman Ironworker

Scotchman Ironworker

Hydraulic-powered machine for quickly punching and shearing both flat and angle iron. Ideal for cutting long lengths of metal down to the desired dimension.

Jet Bench Grinder

Mounted wheels made of fine and coarse abrasive compounds for grinding and abrating.

Burrking Belt Grinder

Abrasive belt used for grinding, deburring, linishing, and finishing any metal material.