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Walking Foot 3: Weaver 205

Weaver Walking Foot

Specialized walking foot industrial machine that can process materials other machines can't. Its 1" lift walking foot and 16" arm allow for clean stitching of difficult materials. Leather, Nylon, plastic webbing, rubber, canvas, tack.


Used to remove thin layers of leather material to create leather products, such as shoes, suitcases, and belts.

Consew Walking Foot

Utilizes a two-part foot to regulate the movement of the material beneath it. In combination with the feed dogs, it prevents slippage of materials allowing thicker textiles to be sewn.
Equipment Beveler


Essential leatherworking tool that uses two knives to cut down the hard edges of straps or belts creating a refined-looking edge.

Singer Sewing Machine

Basic multi-use, general-purpose home sewing machine. This machine is ideal for everyday lightweight projects.