At NextFab, our studios are a fun, collaborative environment where creativity and education are part of every single day.

Each of our team members offer a diverse range of awesome skills and experience that they’re excited to share with our communities. Whether they’re teaching classes, answering questions, or making something incredible, these are the people that make NextFab who we are.

Evan Malone


Alex Numann

Manager, CAD/CAM/CAE

Anna Solomon

Member Sales Representative

Anthony Hunt

Technical Supervisor, Metals Processes

Ben Fries

Technical Supervisor, Wood and Lasers

Chad Repaal

Wilmington Technical Supervisor

Chris Kolb

Design Assistant, Contract Services and Marketing

Danica Webbe

Front Desk Coordinator

Danielle Turner

Finance Assistant

Diana Montgomery

Front Desk Coordinator

Eric Kaplan

Business Development Manager

Gregg Higham

Technical Supervisor, Lasers and Electronics

James McGall

Wilmington Technical Supervisor

J Eskow

Electronics Supervisor

John Haggerty

Manager, Wood Processes

Julie Logwood

Chief Administrative Officer

Kate Brown

Wilmington Location Manager

Kelly McGovern

North Fourth Technical Supervisor

Ken Tomlinson

Chief Financial Officer

Laate Olukotun

Marketing Manager

Lisa DellaPorta

Education Manager

Marc DiGiamo

Technical Supervisor, Wood Processes

Marcella Barker

Manager of Membership Services

Marcelle Rice

Assistant Marketing Manager

Mariah Johnson

Front Desk Coordinator

Matt Bell

Manager of Contract Services

Matt Garfield

Electronics Manager

Matt Malesky

Implementation Manager

Matt Watson

Manager, Metals Processes

Melissa Guglielmo

North Fourth Location Manager & Jewelry Supervisor

Michael Hadida

North Fourth Technical Supervisor

Mike Grusell

IT Manager

Scott Newcomb

Technical Supervisor, 3D & Laser Processes

Tim Burns

Technical Supervisor, Wood Processes

Todor “Ted” Raykov

Venture Services Manager

Tyreek Powell

Facilities Manager

Valerie Kent

Wilmington Assistant Manager and Community Coordinator

Walt Barger

Manager, 3D & Laser Processes