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Ventures Application

Already have an idea, product, or growing company? Apply for our incubator and accelerator programs to jumpstart your business and earn a profit. Our programs are for local hardware startup companies and entrepreneurs and provide features including the following:
  • Advanced Manufacturing Facilities
  • Office Services
  • Meeting Facilities
  • Incubator Office Suite + Amenities
  • Promotional Services
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Hardware Startup Community
  • Event Hosting Services
  • Pro-Bono & Discounted Professional Services
  • Access to National and Regional Partners


Please complete this questionnaire regardless of whether you are a new or an established business. This will give us a better idea of your business and specific needs and will allow us to provide the best service to you.

  • Provide the names and short bios of the people on your team
  • Describe your startup in 140 characters or less
  • Describe your startup in 500 characters or less
  • Please submit a YouTube or Vimeo URL of your pitch
  • What is your revenue model or expected revenue model?
  • Who are your competitors and why are you better?