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Introduction to 3D Printing

This lecture-style class provides an in-depth introduction to the world of 3D printing and additive manufacturing, and finishes with a tour of the 3D printing lab to explore sample prints. Dive in to details of the processes and equipment offered at NextFab, such as the 3D inkjet and fused deposition modeling (FDM).

  • Member Price: Free
  • Non-Member Price: Free
  • Length: 2 hours

Consumer Grade 3D Printing

Learn to use our open-source 3D printer, the Bukito by Deezmaker, by picking and printing a design from NextFab’s curated archive of pre-approved project files. Experience simulations of commonly encoutered problems, and learn how to troubleshoot and adjust the machine for clean, precise prints. Completion of this class gains members unsupervised, free access to Bukito printers for personal use.

  • Member Price: $39
  • Non-Member Price: $89
  • Length: 2 hours

3D Printing using the Stratasys Dimension

Learn how to use Stratasys Catalyst, the control software for the Dimension SST, to 3D print complex designs in durable ABS plastic. Capable of printing in two materials, prints on the Stratasys Dimension can have overhanging and embedded parts, created with dissolvable support structures. Orient, scale, copy and set print resolutions and densities in Catalyst, and practice safe operation of the Support Cleaning Apparatus (SCA) to remove the support material from the 3d print. NOTE: On completion of the course, participants will be able to submit prints to the Dimension using the Catalyst software. A demonstration of the safety procedures for the SCA will be scheduled, at the student’s convenience, to allow unsupervised access to the equipment.

3D Scanning with the NextEngine HD Pro

Discover the NextEngine 3D Scanner, capable of scanning existing 3d objects to create export files for 3D printing and CNC reproductions. Learn how to run the machine, which objects are scannable, and the triangulation process used to produce a point cloud.

3D Printing & Scanning Tool List

  • Deezmaker Bukito Printers
  • Lulzbot Printers
  • 3D Systems ProJet High Resolution Resin Printer
  • Z-Corp Full Color Gypsum Powder Printer
  • Stratasys Dimension Dual Extrusion FDM Printer
  • Next Engine 3D Laser Scanner