Request Private Training

Private training is available to members for one-on-one instruction in any of NextFab's processes. The fee starts at $60/hour and can be scheduled at your convenience with a qualified instructor. To demonstrate your proficiency or schedule private training, please fill out the following and an appropriate staff member will contact you to set up a convenient time.

  • If you are requesting to schedule only a proficiency check, and not training, please specify. If you want the training with a specific staff member, please also list their name.
  • NextFab's Private Training Terms

    Private training may only be booked in 2 hour increments. Any training that requires more than 2 hours of education must be scheduled in multiple sessions.

    NextFab makes no guarantees that the quality of the project produced as a result of private training will be satisfactory. No refunds will be issued if the product is not to the member’s liking.

    NextFab makes no guarantees that the private training will allow a member to complete their project on a strict timeline. Availability of training and scheduling is subject to change, with notice, at any time.

    NextFab reserves the right to deny a request for private training due to resource constraints, lack of technical expertise, or safety concerns. All requested training must adhere to our policies of facility certification and safety, and be motivated by the requesting member's desire to gain skills through education.