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Leatherworking II: Tooling and Dyeing

Build on topics covered in Leatherworking I to craft a custom nude leather belt. Dye and tool leather into a custom design and practice techniques that can be used on any leather project.

NOTE: One class fee covers materials for one belt. Additional materials can be purchased after class by asking your instructor.

Leatherworking I: Cutting, Snapping, and Finishing

Discover the basics of leatherworking by making a custom leather belt. Choose from black or brown leather, and nickel or brass hardware, and practice safe splitting, beveling, burnishing, and hand punching.

Note: one class fee covers one complete set of materials for your belt. If you wish to purchase further materials after class, please ask your instructor.

Upholstery I: Making a Cushion

Explore the basics of upholstery by creating your own tufted cushion. Discover the uses for a series of traditional upholstery, and is commonly used as an accompaniment to furniture.

Note: this course requires a decent amount of hand strength to operate relevant tools.

Industrial Sewing I: Straight Stitch, Bartack, and Kickpress

Explore the basics of industrial sewing by creating your own denim work apron. Practice safe use of the Juki straight stitch, bartack, and kick press machines, all used in the manufacturing of professional quality goods.

Machine Sewing Basics

Cover the basics of operating a traditional, consumer-grade sewing machine. Learn to identify machine parts and set them up to sew, wind bobbins, and prepare material for sewing. Gain confidence in identifying different types of fabric, needles and stitches, and when to use each. Walk away with a tote bag sewn to completion. NOTE: students may bring in their own fabric to class if they wish, or will be asked to complete the project using basic fabric provided by NextFab.

Machine Sewing II: Buttons and Zippers

Take your basic sewing skills to the next level. Learn to sew french seams, zippers, make a buttonhole, and use the machine to sew on buttons while creating a personalized, fully lined Dopp Kit.

Digital Embroidery Basics

Learn the basics of digital embroidery operating the Brother Innov-ís 2800D embroidery machine and the PE-Design NEXT software. Topics will include navigating the machine’s LCD interface, setting up the machine and software, matching types of threads and needles to their intended applications, and troubleshooting common problems. Explore correct use of a hoop and stabilizer to embroider basic imagery.

Textiles Tool List

  • Juki Industrial Sewing Machine
  • Brother Serger
  • Brother Sewing and Digital Embroidery Machines
  • PE-Design Digital Embroidery Design Software
  • Singer Heavy Duty 4432 Sewing Machine
  • Singer Coverstich Serger
  • Brother Innov-is Sewing Machine
  • Weaver 205 Leather Sewing Machine
  • Reece Buttonhole Machine
  • Singer Bartack Sewing Machine
  • Juki Walking Foot Straight Stitch Industrial Sewing Machine
  • Juki Lockstitch Machine
  • Brother Safety Stitch Machine
  • Juki Serger
  • Juki Chainstitch Sewing Machine
  • Union Special Chain Stitch
  • Leatherworking Skiving Machine
  • Consew Walking Foot Lockstitch Sewing Machine
  • Two Head Press
  • Clicker Die Cutter
  • Leather Splitter
  • Hot Foiling Machine
  • Burnisher
  • Osborne Hand Press
  • Arbor Press