Router Table Basics

Explore the router table, a versatile tool that can help you take your projects to the next level. While making your own picture frame, practice safe operation while trying out applications for different bits.

Intro to Woodburning

Novices welcome! Explore woodburning, the art of burning designs and images in to wood. Practice different textures and patterns by using different pen tips for desired effects, and learn safe operation of burning pens.

  • Member Price: $69
  • Non-Member Price: $119
  • Length: 2 hours

Make Your Own Side Table

In this two part workshop, create your own unique side table, from start to finish, using your metal and wood shop skills. Weld together a minimalist frame, and then finish with a custom inlaid table top, made of fine hardwood.

Make Your Own Wooden Coffee Table

Hand craft your own unique looking coffee table in this 2 session workshop. Learn the tricks to some essential wood joinery tools and techniques that are convenient for many applications. Along with the discussion of structural principles and process details, incorporate your own personalized design element, to make for a truly eye-catching furniture piece.

Combo Shop Safety

Learn how to safely navigate the wood and metal shops at Nextfab North Fourth, then build skills using several pneumatic, power, and hand-driven tools by making your own desk supply caddy. Safety training at our NextFab Washington Avenue includes certain tools and areas which our North Fourth location does not yet have. Please ask the shop supervisors at Washington Ave to introduce you to these, and you’ll be good to go at both locations.

Wood Shop Safety

Explore the wood shop and the basic tools it offers, including the paint booth, several powered cutting tools, hand tools, and sanding machines. Walk away with a cheeseboard of your own design, finished and ready to be used.

Hand Tool Basics

Explore the world of hand tools commonly used in the wood shop by making a robot pencil sharpener. Practice safe use of chisels, hand saws, hammers, hand drills, and many other tools essential in creating and finishing fine woodworking projects.

Wood Finishing Basics

Gain familiarity with tools and techniques that help achieve professional finishes in woodworking projects. Learn about wood preparation, application of different types of finishes, use of the spray gun, and paint booth safety. Practice these skills by building a pen and pencil caddy.

Introduction to the Wood Lathe

Calling all beginners! Explore turning techniques on the Nova wood lathe, including roughing, shaping beads and coves, drilling, and finishing. Practice safe setup and operation of the wood lathe, and proper use of a variety of turning tools. Walk away with a candlestick holder or spinning top, and gain certification for unsupervised access to the wood lathe.

Bowl Turning on the Wood Lathe

Learn how to turn a wood bowl while advancing lathe skills in this project-based class. Cover the steps of setting up for bowl turning: mounting blanks, using the bowl gouge, roughing out a foot, and finishing techniques, as well as when and how to properly sharpen tools. Class fee includes material for one finished bowl per member.

Wood Preparation: Jointer, Planer, and Wide Belt Sander

Learn the basics of preparing wood for use in woodworking projects. This class will cover safe use of the jointer, planer, and time saver machines. Process rough sawn wood by flattening, straightening, and squaring. Practice using the machines by milling wood and then gluing up boards to make a finished cutting board from exotic hardwoods.

Wood Preparation: Jointer and Planer

Learn the basics of preparing wood for use in woodworking projects. This class will cover safe use of the jointer and planer. Process rough sawn wood by flattening, straightening, and squaring. Practice using the machines by milling wood and then gluing up boards to make a finished cutting board. NOTE: This class at our North Philly location does not include use of the time saver machine. For training on that machine, please see a staff member at our South Philly location, free of charge.

Wood Shop: Table Saw and Miter Saw Basics

Learn the fundamentals of table saw and miter saw safety. Arguably the most used machines in the wood shop, the table saw and miter saw are essential for all levels of woodworking. Identify and use each saw’s components for safe setup and operation, while exploring different types of cuts and corresponding blades and techniques.

Table Saw II: Dados and Splines

Learn more about the most versatile tool in the wood shop. Cover the use of specific jigs and blade choices, and practice miter cuts, dados, splines and rabbet joints by making a hinged wooden box.

Introduction to the Roland MDX 540

In this two part course, explore the basics of using Vetric Aspire software to operate the Roland MDX 540, a versatile 3-axis CNC milling machine capable of fine detail and precision work. Learn how to load, initialize, and safely run the machine, then design a custom wooden sign in Aspire, to be cut and produced during the second half of class. NOTE: Upon completion of class, members receive four hours of machine time, included in class fee.

ShopBot Course: From Start to Finish in 3 Weeks

This 6-part course introduces beginners to operation and capabilities of the ShopBot CNC router. Learn about vectors, tool paths, file selection and creation for 3D contours for design in V Carve Pro Makerspace software. Using a created file, practice machine operation, tool changes, zeroing and cutting. Completion of this course grants members unsupervised access to the ShopBot for independent use.

Woodworking Tool List

  • Saw Stop Table saw
  • Jointer
  • Wide Belt Sander
  • Planer
  • Kreg Router Table
  • Lathes
  • Drill Presses
  • Bandsaws
  • Miter Saws
  • Oscillating Spindle Sander
  • Oscillating Edge Sander
  • Belt and Disk Sanders
  • Misc. hand and power tools
  • ShopBot CNC Routers
  • Roland MDX CNC Mill