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  • 3d printing NextFab

  • consumer grade 3d print class

  • 3d printing at NextFab

  • consumer grade 3d print class

  • consumer grade 3d print class

About the Course

This class teaches you to use our consumer-grade 3D printers by picking and printing a design from NextFab’s curated project files. We’ll show you how to set up the printers for clean, precise prints and how to troubleshoot common issues. Upon completion, you’ll gain access to the Prusa and Lulzbot printers at each of our locations.

  1. Connect to the PC connected to the Lultzbot
  2. Review Cura and load a file
  3. Watch your print appear
  4. Unload print and review troubleshooting and next projects
  • Take the 3D Printing with the Stratasys Dimension class. This will allow you to achieve higher quality, more complicated prints by learning about dissolvable supports and chemical processing.
  • Take the 3D Scanning with the NextEngine 3D Pro class to scan real-life objects into a 3D file to copy, manipulate, and print.
  • Take Introduction to Rhinoceros class and learn 3D modeling to make your own parts for 3D printing and more.
  • Take Introduction to Solidworks and learn parametric 3D modeling to make your own parts for 3D printing and more.
  • 3D Printing I with the Lulzbot Post-Class Overview

Upcoming Classes

Classes available for registration starting February 28, 2024.

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