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  • Enameling for Jewelry

  • NextFab North Philadelphia makerspace - Enameling for Jewelry

About the Course

Learn the basics of vitreous enamel, including proper application, physical characteristics of enamel, proper use of a kiln, and proper cleanup. Practice on flat and 3-dimensional shapes to gain a better range of working surfaces. Projects will include a flat pendant and a formed, tab-set pendant.

  1. The instructor will review an analysis of metal properties, ideal use of enamels for projects, correct preparation of metals for use with enamels, use of both clear and transparent enamels on copper, and proper finishing procedures on the project pieces.
  2. After reviewing, the instructor will begin small demonstrations with the kiln and explain what enamels are and the varieties that are available; i.e. transparent, opaque, lead-bearing, and lead-free.
  3. Discuss kiln/enamel safety, and review the properties of enamels and metal at high heat with a brief overview of alternative enamel application/firing techniques, including wet inlaying of enamel, liquid enamel, and torch-fired enamels.
  4. Demonstrate the initial base/counter coats, instructor will review the different types of finishes when using enamels. They’ll go over mesh grits and trivets and demonstrate sifting the counter coat of enamel on a flat object, and run through the kiln.
  5. Members will then have the opportunity to run their own test strips through the kiln, before working on their own pendants.

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