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  • Intro to Shopbot

  • Intro to Shopbot

  • Intro to Shopbot

  • Intro to Shopbot

About the Course

After completing VCarve I, VCarve II and this hands-on class students will gain access to our ShopBot CNC machines. You’ll learn the machine controls, discuss the setup checklist, and then make some wood chips fly by machining the custom project you’ve been designing!

  1. Instructors will review the machine setup checklist, the machine controls, and material setup while demonstrating laying out the material to show how the shopbot works.
  2. From there, they’ll go over the feeds and speed adjustments, before members will upload their files to cut their designs.
  3. While machining their designs, instructors will discuss the importance of digital to physical authentication. Our Shopbot CNC router can cut wood, plastic, aluminum, brass, foam, and more. Members operate this utilizing VCarve Pro software, and later, more advanced users can also work in Aspire.
  4. By the end of this class, members will learn how to draw in 2D and create tool paths for 2D and 3D, the tooling required to operate the ShopBot, the various methods to hold your workpiece in place, and finish by designing a custom box to be cut on the ShopBot.

Upcoming Classes

Classes available for registration starting September 29, 2023.

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