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  • Wood Finishing Basics

  • NextFab South Philadelphia makerspace - Wood Finishing Basics class

About the Course

A well-executed finish elevates any woodworking project to the next level. In this techniques focused class, you’ll learn the tools and techniques that lead to professional results, and practice the application of different finishing processes. This class covers the basics of surface preparation and pore filling, as well as spray gun setup and safety.

  1. Instructors will outline the different types and use of finish using the broad categories of oil, varnish, stain, dyes, paints, and patinas.
  2. They’ll review decisions of material selection and construction methods depending on what kind of finish is desired, while reviewing sanding techniques, including grain raising, and discuss when to use a grain filler. Members will each have their own blank to use.
  3. Once members are finished sanding their blanks, instructors will review the safe use and process of the paint booth. Students will have the opportunity to spray their blank with EM 8000 and learn about sanding in between coats and applying a second coat.
  4. Instructors will demonstrate oil application, and review methods and recipes for DIY danish oil.

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