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Maury Superfine using the wood shop at NextFab makerspace

Artist Maury Superfine builds beautiful wooden tables. In fact, his tables are so good-looking that we asked him to build a series of tables for our second-floor common area at the Washington Avenue location.

Here’s a look at his process

Maury starts by sketching patterns in his shop journal. He then collects wood in complementary and contrasting colors and grain patterns appropriate for the design of each piece. He then planes the larger boards, running them through the joiner, and laminates them in sections using wood glue and a series of clamps.

Close up of wooden table top build in process

Close up of wooden table top inlays
Smaller inlays are planed and fitted by hand.

Typically he will laminate several smaller sections and run them through the thickness planer before assembling them into larger pieces. After assembly, they are passed through the wide belt sander. The pieces are finished in the spray booth with three layers of polyurethane, sanding between coats.

Close up of finished wooden table top made at NextFab makerspace

Close up of finished wooden table top NextFab

Maury’s tabletops, hot off of production, can be found in the coworking space upstairs. Alan Mathason, COO of NextFab has enjoyed watching Superfine at work: “It’s great to see Maury’s technique evolve, inspire other members, and beautify NextFab’s coworking space at the same time.”

Catch Maury’s upcoming show

Maury is prepping for an upcoming art show at Red Hook Coffee & Tea, 765 South Fourth Street. The opening party will take place on July 24 from 6 – 9 pm. The show runs for a month.

To learn the skills involved in creating work like this, sign up for our woodworking classes.