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Itzik Luminaire Designs

NextFab member Itzik Lorant’s complex, three-dimensional sculptural luminaires utilize wood, metal, plastic, textiles, and light to create dynamic visual patterns. Playing with light, shadow, shape, and material, they are a unique blend of mechanical detail and artistic expression. Lorant’s striking pieces get noticed; Lorant was recently chosen as an exhibitor in the 2015 Bridges Math Art International Conference, held in Baltimore, Maryland at the end of July.

Lorant, a retired electrician, experimented with string art while living in Berkeley in the 1970s. After retiring in Philadelphia, he decided to get back into his old passion. In 2012 a friend who worked at city hall saw his lights and suggested that he submit a piece to the National Arts Program show at City Hall. His piece was not only accepted for the Program; it went on to win the 1st Place Intermediate Award.

Itzik Lorant working on a project at NextFab

His success at City Hall pushed Lorant to think of his work as more http://phentermine-med.com than a hobby.

Lorant uses the highest-quality materials that he can source, including ipe wood, oak, metal, and Kevlar string. Each material is selected for its unique properties. For instance, Kevlar string does not stretch and will not sag over time, maintaining the integrity of his designs.

Close up of Itzik Lorant’s art

During the Bridges show, three of Lorant’s pieces were chosen in a juried selection. Lorant’s artwork then went on a storied tour. They were displayed in a special showing at Towson University prior to the main show at The University of Baltimore. After the main show, they went on to the Math Association of America MAA100 Centennial Conference in Washington, DC where they were on display from August 5th – 8th.

Itzik Lorant’s Luninaire artwork

To see more of Lorant’s work, visit his site, Itzik Lorant, or catch his luminaries on display at the Mount Airy Art Garage this October as part of the Philadelphia Open Studio Tours (P.O.S.T.).