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Technology and art both challenges our perceptions of what is and what can be. The ways in which technological advancements have pushed the boundaries of innovation resemble the sort of creativity we associate with artwork and designers. In a way, the collective and distinct evolutions of art and technology suggest that the two are inextricably intertwined. In this “How Fine Artists Turn To Technology” series, we will explore how the ever-changing world of electronics can be used by artists to challenge their creative minds and pursue their artistic visions.

The Benefits of Electronics

When most of us think of the term “electronics”, we’re probably thinking of our personal devices- such as our phones, iPads, and computers. That narrow perception of electronics is about as misleading as saying that Pat’s and Geno’s are the only two places that sell cheesesteaks in all of Philadelphia. In actuality, this term is broad enough to include all devices that use electric current to encode, analyze, or transmit information. In our everyday lives, this can be anything from a calculator to an electric car. Learning the discipline of electronics can offer artisan entrepreneurs a wealth of opportunities for creation.


There are almost as many benefits to mastering electronics as there are products classed as this. They include: 

  • Electronics are the future – each year more and more daily operations have become automated. Since automation is the future, this skill can help you be a part of that. 
  • Expands the horizons of art beyond a painted canvas and into a sensory world of sound and movement. 
  • Can design solutions to real-world problems.
  • As an intricate discipline, it offers the potential for intricacy and complexity in your creations. 
  • Makes you a very versatile entrepreneur. You can seamlessly transition between digital art and electrical product development (or even combine the two).
  • You can be a valuable asset to a team. If you have practical knowledge of electronics, the opportunities for collaboration are extensive!

Member Highlight

Jim Cara



Jim utilizes both woodworking and electronics to create custom-made, super dope guitars.



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If you have an awareness of the latest trends in both art and electronics, you could make a career out of wires and currents. Are you interested in learning more? With 8 classes and 17 machines or tools, NextFab’s electronics department has everything you need to get started with programming.