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If you are passionate about jewelry design and are eager to bring your creations to life, come check out the jewelry classes at NextFab! We offer jewelry-making classes for students of all levels. Below, we’ll explore the classes we offer, each of which presents a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of jewelry design and master artisanal techniques.

After taking our classes, you’ll confidently craft exquisite, one-of-a-kind pieces for yourself and for others!

In this post, we’ll cover

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced jewelry maker, our classes will ignite your creativity like never before. To learn which class is best suited for you, keep scrolling—you may be interested in taking them all!

Casting for Jewelry

In this class, you’ll discover the remarkable technique of replicating intricate designs in metal. You’ll have the chance to experiment with various casting materials, such as silver, gold, or other metals, to bring your jewelry designs to life. From delicate rings, intricate pendants, or statement earrings, you grow your skills to create your dream pieces from start to finish.

Casting for Jewelry: The Lost Wax Process

Enameling I

In this class, you’ll explore the ancient art of enameling, where powdered glass is transformed into a luminous, glassy surface on metal. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience, you and your classmates will delve into the fundamental techniques of enameling, from preparing metal surfaces to applying and firing the enamels.

Enameling introduces you to a wide range of techniques, including sgraffito, cloisonné, and more. You’ll explore the interplay of colors and textures, giving you the means to infuse ideas into your enamel creations. The transformation of powdered glass into a kaleidoscope of colors is nothing short of beautiful.

Class: Enameling for Jewelry

Jewelry Studio Orientation

This class is your gateway to the world of jewelry making, serving as an introduction to our diverse range of classes, so if you’re not sure what kind of jewelry you want to make, start here! Our orientation offers a unique opportunity to explore various tools and techniques under the guidance of experienced instructors who will nurture your creativity within a supportive environment.

During the orientation, we’ll cover basic metalworking techniques, soldering, polishing, and more.

Fundamentals of Jewelry: An Introductory Jewelry Class

Stone Setting 1: Basics with Bezels

In this class, you’ll learn about bezel setting, a versatile technique that encircles gemstones with a metal border. Whether you’re a beginner exploring stone settings or a seasoned artisan seeking to refine your skills, you’ll learn to set various gemstones, from opals to sapphires, in captivating bezel settings. from full bezels that encase the entire gemstone to partial bezels that reveal facets of the stone’s beauty. Learn how to measure and cut precise bezel strips, solder them to your jewelry piece, and expertly set your gemstones to highlight focal points.

Stone Setting I Basics with Bezels

Jewelry Torchwork I

In this class, you’ll learn the foundational techniques of working with a jewelry torch! From soldering and annealing to shaping and fusing metal, you’ll learn how to manipulate various metals with precision and finesse. Your teachers will unveil the secrets of creating strong and seamless joints, allowing you to build intricate structures for your jewelry designs.

Class: Solder Bezel Set Ring Working with Torch

Which of the classes piqued your interest the most?

NextFab offers a multitude of captivating classes that cater to your jewelry-making passion, so no matter which class you take, our teachers will empower you to explore new horizons, refine your craft, and perfect your skills!

Embrace your creativity and let your passion for jewelry design shine brightly!

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