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Start with the Problem, Not the Solution

Have you ever had that “Eureka!” moment?  Perhaps a new product idea comes to you in a flash of insight. […]

How to Price Your Custom Work

Do you feel like you’re shooting in the dark when it comes to pricing your custom artwork?  You’re certainly not […]

Monthly Maker: David Rozek

Monthly Maker: David Rozek Website: Instagram: @pandemicdesignstudio TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF I received my formal education in design from North […]

3D Printing and the COVID-19 Crisis

On Thursday, March 26th we invited participants to listen in and inquire, as we sat down with Dr. Evan Malone, […]

Monthly Maker: Eppchez Yo-Sí Yes

Monthly Maker: Eppchez Yo-Sí Yes Website: Instagram: @eppchez TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF I am a performance artist, designer and change agent […]