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Instagram: @Jupiter5_woodco

Tell us about yourself

I’m a self taught woodworker originally from Philadelphia. I have a passion for creativity and originality, and my hope is to leave my own impression in the world of woodworking.


What’s your educational background?

My training is pretty unconventional; books, youtube, trial and error and other informal means of instruction.  


How did you come up with this idea/how did you get started?

I make handcrafted furniture and other small wooden objects that are inspired by the methods, ideas and styles of past generations. I started making furniture for myself a few years ago and fell in love with the idea of taking a vague concept from my mind and bringing it into real space. Since then, I’ve been on a mission to design and create original furniture through woodworking. 


What inspires you?

I draw inspiration from artists like Jean -Michael Basquiat, Keith Haring, and Jory Brigham; from natural shapes and forms I see in my everyday life and from an inherent desire to express my individuality.

My goal is to make a lasting impression in the world of woodworking and wood art in general through my own original ideas and processes.  

What’s the hardest part?

Glue ups! I find the most challenging part of most of my projects is creating tight/flawless glue joints on unconventional angles. I get it done, but unusually not without breaking a sweat. 


What’s your most rewarding memory?

I recently built, painted and installed some shelves for a commissioned project. The customer had complete and total trust in my ability to deliver. Earning the trust of someone is probably the most rewarding part of the business aspect of woodworking. 


What makes your business unique?

My process is found somewhere between method and madness and my designs are an extension of my individuality. 


What is your favorite part about NextFab and why?

I love the resources at NextFab. Between the amount of equipment and general helpfulness of the staff and other members, you can learn anything. I use a lot of traditional woodworking equipment like the table saw, band saw, router table and hand tools but my favorite tool is my handheld CNC machine- Shaper Origin. 

What advice would you give to aspiring makers?

Be yourself and trust your own process. Let your originality shape how you design and create. 


What’s next for you? 

I see myself growing in knowledge/ confidence and creating more things for more people. More importantly I can see myself inspiring other people to tap into their own originality and creativity through the work that I do.