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Monthly Maker Ross Stoops

Monthly Maker: Ross Stoops

Ross Stoops Philadelphia, PA thegoodmeasure.com   WHAT DO YOU MAKE? I am a designer, fabricator, and entrepreneur based out of […]

Shirley Garrett built the Tuck It at NextFab

Tuck it! Scott Keely Prototypes a Patent Program

Scott Keeley is a NextFab member, patent agent and industrial designer. Scott also works as a resident patent advisor at […]

Lenka Cranberry granola bar - NextFab Holiday Gifts 2018

Holiday Boom! NextFab’s Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays seem to be occupying more and more of our time and energy. Holiday advertising began prior to Halloween […]

Mark Brandon working in his ceramics studio at NextFab makerspace

Mark Brandon’s Ceramics Studio

Mark’s Ceramics Studio Mark Brandon had an idea. He took a class, bought a kiln and now he’s manufacturing ceramics […]

Jeweler Machele Nettles used NextFab makerspace

The Accidental Jeweler

Accidental Jeweler Machele Nettles was working as an interior designer when she stumbled into jewelry design. With a deep creative […]